Monday, 12 May 2014

Lord Of The Rings: Battle For Weststone Bridge

My Son and I managed to get another game in, this time Lord of the Rings. We used Charlies figures and some scenery we made for his dwarfs and goblins. Charlie played the Moria Goblins, while I played King Durin and his kin. 

"They've brought a cave troll!"

The goblin's shaman tried to soften up the dwarfs with a wave of huge spiders and giant bat swarms, all enhanced with his found magic.  

The next attack was a wave of goblins driven on by the iron fist of the Goblin King Durbaz

The Vault Wardens, lead by the hero Mardin, prepare to defend their king.

As the ancient foes clash no one gives any quarter.  Many goblins and dwarfs loose their lives this day.

When King Durin finally slays the cave troll King Durbaz' courage is broken and he flees into the dark, taking most of the remains of his army with him. The victory is bitter for Durin- he might hold the Weststone Bridge, but his people paid a high price for it...many of his kinsmen lie dead, including one of his captains. a bitter victory indeed. 


Simon Quinton said...

Nice report and great looking figures and table. I never got around to playing LOTR SBG I did amass a huge amount of Dwarfs but flogged them all to buy other lead lol.

Great stuff Rob!

Rob Bresnen said...

It's a very cool game.

A lot of serious wargamers who hate everything GW stands for find themselves drawn to the mechanism for LOTR. It is used to 'power' a lot of the Warhammer historical skirmish games like Legends of the Old west. It is fast and easy to learn, but surprisingly flexible.

BTW, all those figures were Charlie's, not mine. He has an impressive collection of LotR, including over 100 fully painted Moria goblins, a Balrog and four cave trolls!

Phil said...

Nice report and beautiful minis!!