Tuesday, 16 September 2014

AtDE: Rag Market Trader (Gameboy the Grey)

Gameboy is a trader in the Rag Market (formally known as Birmingham). He buys and sells computer components and electrical goods looted from the ruins of the shops and offices around the Rag Market. 
Many consider him a wizard of sorts,and some jokingly call him Gameboy the Grey. He knows much of the Lore of Computers that has been lost since the war. He is old...perhaps one of the oldest of all the rag market residence, and he has the wisdom which only comes with age. his sagely advice is much sought after by the younger generations. 
Gameboy doesn't collect his own computers any more- he is too old and frail for that. Instead he hires young gangers to go out into the city ruins and fetch it back foir him. Its dangerous work, but Gamboy always pays well for their loot. 

Gameboy is a Lead Adventure Miniature figure, one of a small collection of post-apocalypse traders. He was a pleasure to paint. the resin base is from Fenris Games. I think he will work equally well as part of my my occasional scifi Scum and Villainy collection.