Saturday, 27 September 2014

Zomtober 2014: The Plans!

I have always maintained that everything is better with zombies (with the probable exception of real life) and this Zomtober I intend to prove this. 

Given that Pulp Citizen and I can, between us, field 60-70 painted 'modern' zombies, I thought it was high time I mixed things up a bit and got historical. 

First off...Napoleonics vs Zombies!

Building on the excellent work of Jane Austin in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies I have decided that the early 19th  century needs more zombies. Zombies are a lot more scary when your musket takes 20 seconds to reload. 

I toyed with the idea of doing some Spanish zombies to be used with my Peninsular War Napoleonic figures, but the nice neat uniforms and rank and file just doesn't look 'zompoc survivor' enough for my tastes.  Then I stumbled on the Retreat from Moscow range by Perry Miniatures and knew at once I had to get them. By good fortune I made ice zombies for my Finland Zombie Outbreak for last years Zomtober. All I have to do is paint some survivors and I am good to go.

The 'plot' will be that Napoleons army, defeated by the Russian winter, are falling back in disarray. A band of stragglers struggling through the deep snow and driving winds when they are beset by ravenous undead!

Rules wise I think I will be looking at mashing Songs of Drums and Shakos with the undead rules from Songs of Blades and Heroes. The rules are so similar it should be easy enough to work out. 

Here are a couple of snow-bound pictures to give you an idea of what I am going to be going for...

Regardez Zombies!

The last thing these guys need is a zombie apocalypse!

Here are my ice zombies I painted last year...

Now before anyone goes crying foul and pointing out that I haven't painted any zombies in Zomtober (After all the idea is to paint one zombie a week for the whole of the month) I have decided to launch a second mini project...

Cowboys vs Zombies!

This one is drawing inspiration from Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, a spin off for the original computer/console game. 

Cowboys are tough resilient folk, well used to dealing with dangers that would freeze a lesser man's soul, who better to face a zombie apocalypse and survive? That said, with the isolation of many 'wild west' towns, there is no chance of the authorities turning up to save the day (well maybe the rangers or the US cavalry), so the towns folk are on their own. 

I am thinking of using In Her Majesties Name for this one...the undead could be a faction lead by a necromancer or Native Americana shaman. I haven't really worked out the specifics yet (I rarely bother to workout the rules until I have the figures painted)

Here's some pictures to get the creative juices flowing..


Pulp Citizen said...

Sounds like a plan!

Clint said...

I like both ideas. after all no silencers and zombies ate my horse sounds like a good excuse!

Stuart S said...

Zombies - They just about fit any period :-)
Great plan.

Barks said...

I'm really looking forwards to the retreat from Moscow.

Simon Quinton said...

Cool I shall be looking forward to these additions!