Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014 Round Up

2014 has been another busy year for me from a painting point of view. At best estimate I reckon I have painted over two hundred miniatures, although not all of them ended up on the blog. I began the year by joining Earlswood Wargamers, which has been a great move,as the guys in the club are very welcoming and I have been introduces to new games and wargaming genres. I continue to expand my English Civil War and Napoleonic War collections, and have even branched out into X Wing and Dead Man's Hand as a direct result of joining the club. 

My Napoleonics continued to develop throughout the year, with me completion my British line infantry, French grenadiers, and Royal Navy Sailors. I have enjoyed making scenery and painting the more unusual figures like the supply cart, Spanish civilians and French sappers. Having discovered Songs of Drums and Shakos I have continued to relish painting these characterful figures, which seem a bit useless in big battalions games, but really bring small skirmish games to life. 

I have also completed the bulk of my 'Dad's Army' Home Guard army for Bolt Action, although I have yet to paint more than a few test models fro my Fallschirmsjaeger force so I can carry out Operation Sealion games. The Home Guard may see some action soon in VBCW. 

I have continued to add to my Modern African range, and they have been posted over on my other blog- Hotel Zugando, throughout the year. I have yet to get a game in for that this year, as I have gone a bit cold on Force on Force, I have heard that 2 Hour Wargames may be doing an Ultra Modern rules set in 2015, which might be something to look forward to. I have looked at Skirmish Sangin, Flying Lead and Spectre, but they don't seem to do it for me. I backed the Empress Miniatures and Spectre Miniatures Kick Starters, so I have plenty of Africans and UN troops waiting for  their turn under the paint brush in 2015. 

Other ranges I have added too, as and when the mood struck me, have been Four Colour, French and Indian Wars, Wild West Zombies and my Regardez Zombie! range.

So what were the highlights, from a gaming perspective, of 2014? 
  • Salute , which saw me spending A LOT of cash on lead men, was great fun, with some impressive tables to be seen. 
  • Zombtober was a success again too, with bloggers from all over the place painting their icky zombie hordes. 
  • Kick Starter has proven a biggy this year for me too. I backed Spectre Miniatures, Across The Dead Earth, Empress Miniatures (well that was 2013, but the figures were late), and Pulp City (which haven't tuned up yet). All of these have been successful and great fun to be part of. 
  • Pulp Citizens Halloween and Christmas Madness games have been great fun too, especially making the Monkey God idol and the giant snowman. 
So what is for 2015? Well painting this massive pile of lead is on my priority list. Expect more napoleoinics, more modern Africa, and a return to two old ranges- Scum and Villainy and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Finishing my Dad's Army and Fallshcirmjager would be good too. I will add a few more elements to my ECW army, but them I think that will be enough.
New projects will be limited to small, easily contained projects (a dozen figures at the most). I am going to avoid big projects as for the last three years I have been churning out whole armies, which I hardly ever get to use, an it is very frustrating. Pulp City, Dead Man's Hand, War Machine and On The Severn Sea are all looking likely at the moment.  

Hope you have a great New Year!


JPChapleau said...

Keep it up! It's always good to read what fellow painters do! Esp the ranges I'd love to do.

Blaxkleric said...

Great stuff and a cracking year's worth of painting. To echo JP, keep it up as I too like to see people painting stuff which I'd like to do but simply don't have the time to do.

Michael Awdry said...

A fabulous year and here's to a special 2015!

pulpcitizen said...

Great work over the year, and here is to a productive (gaming as well as painting) 2015. :)

Stuart S said...

Great review good to see one else with varied interests.
Happy new year.