Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Madness 2014: The Snowman Cometh

Just to prove I haven't been entirely idle during December, here is our annual Christmas Madness battle report. The figures and the scenery belong to Pulp Citizen and me, and I scratch built the Snowman (based on Marshmallow from Disney's Frozen). This stylish Battle Report was all the work of Pulp Citizen, who did a great job turning my photos into a story. 

I have painted lots more stuff, as well as Marshmallow, but the light has been to poor and I have been to busy to get good photos. perhaps after Christmas I might have more time to get some better photos- expect a flurry of pictures soon. In the mean time, as Pulp Citizen says "Thanks for Reading and Merry Christmas!".


Simon Quinton said...

Great Report!! Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope you have a great time and get lots of shinies!

pulpcitizen said...

Thanks for the pictures and the work on the Snowman. :)

Bob Kinnear said...

Nice report! Merry Christmas dude!

Nobody667 said...

Very cool report! The battle was a fun read, and perfect for the season.

Merry Christmas!