Friday 17 July 2015

Frostgrave: Soldiers Work In Progress

I decided to jump on the rapidly moving band wagon and back the 'Nickstarter' for Frostgrave, a brand new fantasy skirmish game from North Star and Osprey. I backed it to get a copy of the rules and one pair of wizards, as I didn't want to commit too much in case I didn't like it. When it arrived I loved it. The rules book is a slickly produced hardback rules with lost of coloured plates and pictures of the figures form the game. I just wanna get going!

I realise now I should have picked up a pack of the plastic soldiers while they were going cheep on pre-order, but I never, so I decided to make some from the bits and bobs I had hanging around. These figures are kit bashed from plastics from Warhammer/Mordhiem, Conquest Miniatures and Gripping Beasts. I tried to copy the style of the Frostgrave soldiers, which tend to have more of a medieval look to them than a typical Mordheim figure, which is where the Norman bits from Conquest came in handy. The city of Frostgrave is, as the name suggest, a frozen ruin, and so I added fur lining and a scarf with green stuff, To portray that these are adventurers in the classic Dungeons & Dragons style I also added backpacks, sling bags, pouches and bedrolls. 


Eric the Shed said...

These look great...and so useful for so many genres

Michael Awdry said...

Wonderful kit bashing!

tim said...

Nicely done! they really look the bit! Can't wait to see them painted!

I was tempted to get in on the Nickstarter as well... but I ended up just ordering the book. I have SO MANY fantasy figures (or medieval figures that would fit the bill as well) it would be ridiculous for me to buy any more... (especially when so many of those fantasy and medieval figures I already own have yet to be painted!)

Simon Quinton said...

Nice conversion dude! Some of the Otherworld adventurer figures might fit in as well.

Rob Bresnen said...

Thanks Guys. Glad you like them.

Good point Tim, but what I liked about Frostgrave was the winter setting- as I already have some winter terrain that doesn't see enough use.

Simon- the advantage of using the Mordheim figures over Otherworld is 1) I already own them. 2) Otherworld are quite expensive, although I do love the Otherworld range and admire the way that they have got the old D&D aesthetic bang on, which is just right for Frostgrave too.

tim said...

Oh I wasn't trying to suggest you or anyone else shouldn't jump in on it and buy figures! They are great looking figures - I'd like to buy them myself! And if Frostgrave didn't work out - there's plenty other games I could have used them for (Song of Blades and heroes is my "go to" fantasy skirmish game at the moment...) I just felt I, personally, couldn't justify it with all the figures I have (including many in voluminous cloaks that could be passed off as cold weather gear) - I have no idea how many figure you have lying around!?

I forgot to mention I really like the addition of bags and stuff - like old-school D&D minis - there just aren't enough fantasy miniature around any more look like they're ready to go adventuring! I've been stripping and repainting my old D&D minis for this purpose!