Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Homefront 1941: Fallschirmjager Platoon Support Weapons

It is my intentions to complete my Fallschirmjager platoon for Bolt Action/Chain of Command before the end of the month so I can move on to a new project or two (Frostgrave and Freebooters Fate look most likely at this time). to this end I have just completed a Panzershreck Team and a Mortar Team. These figures are from Artizan. 
I just need to paint another MG team, and a medic and I will be able to use them in battle. At some point I plan to add some vehicals, a static MG43, and make some 'jump off point' markers, but apart from that they will be complete


Michael Awdry said...

Very nice indeed Sir.

Simon Quinton said...

They look great mate. I have got some historical stuff to pass onto you mate. I'll drop it over to Pulp Citizen next time I see him ;)

Rob Bresnen said...

Sounds very interesting Simon.