Sunday 25 August 2019

Last Days in Paradise: Rural Hut

Work continues on the scenery and figures for my Caribbean based Last Days: A Zombie Apocalypse setting. This is a jungle hut from Sarrissa Pression that I found in the loft. Originally I painted it for use with my Burma armies, but it suffered some damage in storage and needed a new roof, and some love. 

I built a new roof with card and corrugated craft card, added broken windows and a door, then repainted the whole thing in a brighter caribbean colour scheme. I added jungle plants to the base from my 'big box of stuff'. 

I imagine this is a rural shack belonging to a farmer or a hunter that you might come across in the islands 'jungle', or along a little used dirt track. It's anyone's guess what happened to the original inhabitants, but that blood stain on the floor might give some clue as to their fate. 


5 kejadian aneh di dunia said...
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Michal DwarfCrypt said...

Looking really awesome!