Monday, 10 May 2010

Last week I finally got round to tidying up my garage.
After we moved house lots of stuff got dumped in there, as people often do- boxes of yet to be unpacked ornaments, pictures, books etc. Some we will, I am sure, get round to using again, others will be forever stashed in the loft for sentimental reasons, while yet more will be destined for the old car boot sale. On top of all that stuff was dumped yet more junk- unwanted furniture waiting for recycling, badly stowed garden tools inherited from my father-in-laws house, the Halloween decorations that never quite made it into the loft and so on. You can see that it was quite a daunting task to tackle, and one that I have been procrastinate about of late.- "I am too busy with work/allotment/writing/blogging/on forums/painting for the lead painters leagues" (delete where applicable).
Last week I finally ran out of excuses, and plowed on into the garage. After a fair few hours work, I have converted the household dump into a fully functioning gaming room, complete with designer red velvet sofa and permanent gaming table!

It might not be the poshest gaming room in the world (I have seen pictures of the Perry Twins gaming room- sweet gaming paradise!) but it's a good start. Next payday I am off to Argos to buy a kettle, tea bag storage jars and some mugs etc. What else could we possibly need?

By the way, yes, my gaming table is made of two Homebase wallpaper tables clamped together. I covered the surface in sand and stippled on various shades of brown with a brush. Clamped together, its not too wobbly. It's a very inexpensive way to make a board, and easy to transport too, should the situation warrant it. The whole thing cost about £30. It measures 3 foot 11, by 5 foot 11, so it's almost regulation size.

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pulpcitizen said...

Looking forwards to playing Legends of the Old West in the new gaming area, complete with kettle! Ace!

Just remember what weak bladders we have as we get older, mate...