Monday, 31 May 2010

News time.
Me old mucka Pulp Citizen is having a competition, with a chance to get your hands on a rare Pulp City 28mm figure. The idea of the competition is to write a brief description of a location of character from the Pulp City world. Sounds fun; I will be entering for sure. Follow this link to Pulp Citizen, one of the best super-blogs going (after this one, of course!) for more details.

More News. A while ago I blogged about a podcast I have been enjoying, featuring SciFi audio stories called Starship Sofa. While I am still loving my regular fix of SciFi goodness form the sofa, I have also recently discovered a new (well new to me at least) podcast called Secret World Chronicles, by Mercedes Lackey and Steve Libbey. Unlike Starship sofa, which features the works of different writers each episode, Secret World Chronicles is an ongoing story, with each episode building up the world and advancing the plot. The world Mercedes and Steve have created is one in which super humans have existed since Wold War Two, but which has, in the twenty first century, been invaded by aliens. Nazi aliens at that.
The writing is gripping, fast paced and fun, and the narration is excellent. I can't stop listening to it- in the car, cooking, even in bed. I can't recommend it enough to fans of the superhero genre.
Both Starship Sofa and Secret World Chronicles can be down loaded free of charge from Itunes. What are you waiting for?

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Doctor Warlock said...

I shall be having a go - I doubt I'll win though, I never win anything LoL!