Friday, 7 May 2010

Two more Team Metro members here- The Crusader, and Yeoman. Crusader claims to be a reincarnation of an Arthurian warrior spirit. Well informed sources say that she is actually the alter ego of Louise Maybreck, a shy retiring Liberian from Sutton Colfield, England. Quite how she came to be one of London's defenders, and one of the finest sword-fighters in the worlds remains a mystery. She has an extensive knowledge of supernatural mysteries and has proved the deceive factor time and time again when Team Metro has done battle with the forces of darkness. Her armoured costume was designed by Yeoman.
Yeoman, aka business tycoon Richard Pickle, is a genius inventor, poet, warrior and all round renaissance man. Some have questioned the motives, and indeed the sanity, of a man who regularly puts himself in the line of fire to protect London from super-villains. He is known to have designed his powered armour and halberd himself. He provides Team Metro with it's technical support and with many of its resources.
It is widely known that Crusader and Yeoman are lovers, and have been for some time. Attempts to keep their relationship secret proved futile in the glare of the constant media scrutiny that follows Team Metro where ever they go.

Crusader is a now out of production Silver Age Sentinels figure, produced by Reaper, and sculpted by Sandra Garrity, to support the Role playing games of the same name. They were available in the UK but I acquired her from a friend in the USA. Yeoman is a Pulp City figure (Rook). I love this clunky armoured sculpt. He is one of my favorite figures from the entire range.

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