Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Diplomatic Attaché and Driver

Commander James Castle, seen here on the left, is a former RN officer, who now works for the foreign office as diplomatic attaché to Her Majesties Embassy in Moscow. Rumours that he is a fully sanctioned member of MI6, with a licence to kill, have been neither confirmed nor deigned.
Castle’s associate, Mr Rick Seaborne, is apparently a low level employee at the embassy, working as Commander Castle’s driver. The fact that he is fluent in Russian, a crack shot and a black belt at karate surges his true vocation might lie elsewhere.

Again two more figures from the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang range- Castle is by Copplestone Castings, while Seaborne is by Artizan Designs. 


Simon Quinton said...

Nicely done I love the colour schemes you've chosen, The HP figure is one of my favorites I wished they would do more figures in these ranges

pulpcitizen said...

More great KKBB stuff. :)

I like the new look to the blog as well; maybe maximise use of the width of the screen?