Wednesday 11 July 2012

Fresh Blood for the Order of Anubis

Here are two new warriors for the Order of Anubis, the ancient order of vampire-knights who continue their duty into modern times. Sworn to protect vampire kind from all threats, these undead soldiers of the night have embraced modern technology along side more traditional fighting methods, making them lethal foes to be feared by their enemies.

Misha is a vixen. She may lack the combat prowess of the other knights, but over a century and a half as a vampire has given her a unique skill set: she can manipulate anyone, using her beauty, charm, charisma and, if the situation requires it, the threat of extreme violence, to coheres people into doing her wishes. In many ways she is the respectable face of the Order of Anubis, an envoy who can smooth over problems before they escalate. But for all her honeyed words, it is wise to remember that the full force of the Order backs her up.

Erin appears to be a teenage girl, a guise she likes to foster as it often causes foes to underestimate her. If fact she was born in Europe three centuries ago, and has devoted her undead life to the service of the Order of Anubis. She rejects most modern weapons in favour of the more traditional. Having spent five decades in Japan, studying kenjitsu, her preferred weapon is a silvered katana, Moonblade, made by the legendary swordsmith Muramasa in the 13th century.

Here’s a group shot of the knights of the Order of Anubis. From left to right: Misha; McLeod; Deacon; Amilie and Erin.

Misha and Erin are both by Copplestone Castings as part of Mark Copplestone’s Future Wars range- they are listed under Corporate Babes. I bought both packs of Corporate Babes as they have some figures I think I will be able to disarm and convert into modern civilians, but these two stood out from the rest and are crying out to be vampires. 


Michael Awdry said...

Excellent work; lovely ladies indeed!

Simon Quinton said...

Nice work. Love the katana babe I have this set myself very useful figures.