Saturday, 21 September 2013

VBCW: Household Guard

With a big VBCW game scheduled for this week end in Hereford, I thought it was high time to add to my VBCW collection, by finishing a few odds and ends I had hanging around. 

This is a photo of the Duke of Farnham's 'Household Guard'; a rather overblown title for what is essentially a militia made up of the male servants from his household- valets, footmen and even a coachman (although the Duke seldom has cause to use his coach, as he prefers motorcars). 
They are enthusiastic  if not particularly well trained, and they consider themselves 'elite' compared with the groundsmen and tenants who make up the rest of the Dukes private army. 


tradgardmastare said...

Splendid chaps indeed!

Simon Quinton said...

They look great. Have fun today!

pulpcitizen said...

Ace; love the background too. :)