Friday, 27 September 2013

VBCW: Vehicals

Ahead of tomorrows VBCW Big Game in Hereford, I have been getting some vehicals read for the Duke of Farnham's faction. The Duke is something of a fan of the motorcar in all its forms, and in particularly in the armoured car. During the Great War he was instrumental in the developed of the iconic Rolls Royce Armoured car, and since then has he a huge fan of racing cars, motorbikes and speed boats. Naturally his own private army in the Very British Civil War will feature as many vehicals as he can get his hands on (so long as he can find the fuel for them).

The first is an improvised armored car of a design created by the Duke himself. It features two Lewis MG turrets and a boiler plate hull proof against most small arms fire. 

The second is a staff car, from the Dukes own collection, and is a 1914 Vauxall Prince Henry.  The diver is in the unofficial uniform of a  Junior Staff Officer of the Chester City Militia. The passenger, a Bren Gunner form the Dukes Household Guard Company, is wearing the livery of a footman. 

The armoured car was bought on eBay and repainted, while the staff car is a matchbox die-cast that has been repainted  the crew are form Mutton Chops Miniatures and the Bren gun is from The Assault Group. 


pulpcitizen said...

Excellent additions, and the occupants of the staff car look like they are a perfect fit.

Enjoy the Big Game.

Simon Quinton said...

They both look great, The staff car with its occupants looks ace. Nice work Rob!

JP said...

Nice work mate - shame the AFV got captured! ;)