Sunday, 15 September 2013

Visit to Wargames Store

Sorry I haven't posted much of late but I have been very busy at work and, even though I have been furiously painting on my evenings off, I haven't got round to getting much ready for photographing.  I have been painting some Chindits and Japanese for my Bruma campaign, and some more VBCW characters  for an upcoming Big Game in Hereford, and I will defiantly post pictures of these as an when they are completed. 

Today my son Charlie and I went to the subtly titled 'Wargames Store' (can you guess what they sell there?) in Brimstage, on the Wirral. What I saw impressed me no end! The store is huge, stocking a wide range of wargaming stuff from most of the major manufactures  GW, War Machine, Warlord Games  Flames of War, Perry Miniatures, Wargames Factory and much more. We could have spent ages there- they have a cool gaming room too, with permanently set up tables. 

Charlie picked up some Wargames Factory Greek hoplites- he fancies collecting figures inspired by Greek mythology. It's going to be quite Hollywood, rather than accurate. He's already done  a Medusa, and wants some minatores too!

Anyway, the Wargames Store is lovely- the staff are friendly and helpful, and it is housed in a stunning stone barn. It's also very close to a nice craft center my good lady wife could poke around in while we boys were getting our geek on looking at little figures.


pulpcitizen said...

Would you go again? Gaming tables?

Simon Quinton said...

Sounds like a great store! Look forward to seeing your stuff when you get time to paint pics.

If your after some good mythical rules try 7th Voyage by Crooked Dice :D