Saturday 16 April 2016

Freebooters Fate: Brotherhood vs Pirates

Pulp Citizen and I got together for a bit of fantasy skirmish using Freebooters Fate. I played my Pirate crew, and Leon played his Brotherhood assassins. We pooled our resources with the board- Mostly it is Pulp Citizens stuff, but with my trees, a few houses and lots of trade goods I have just finished painting up. All the buildings are from 4Ground, and the trade goods are from Ainsty Castings.

Apparently our two gangs clashed over the particulars of the ownership of a goat...and something to do with a be honest the historic reasons behind the feud between the Brotherhood and the Pirates is a bit sketchy. Not that they usually need much of an excuse for a fight. 

The Pirate Crew- Jolly Good lads

The Brotherhood- Dastardly cut-throats and murderers!

Two brave Pirate Deckhands spoiling for a fight

The sulking Master Assassin -boo hiss!

Harlequin worming her way through the seedy backstreet

Before coming to a sticky end at the hands of Krud
 The scrap went well for the Pirates, as they were able to exploit they shooting abilities from cover and finish the Assassins before they could close, while Krud- certainly the man of the match for the Pirates- brained two of the Brotherhood's specialists before being taken out by (fittingly enough) a poisoned dart in the back from the master assassin.

Master Assassin wonders where the rest of his gang went

Captain Rosso says 'extra rations of rum for everyone who survived.'


pulpcitizen said...

Another fun game - looking forward to the next one, especially with the new purpose-bought gaming cloth! :)

Next time, remember to bring the whole crew! :)

Simon Quinton said...

Looks great guys!