Saturday 6 January 2018

Home Front: Dad's Army Cast.

 For my Dad's Army/Sealion collection I have painted these two...One is verger Maurice Yeatsman (made by Foundry and sculpted by the Perrys) and the other is Private Godfery, in his civvies (from Warlord Games, and sculpted by Paul Hicks). Both look amazingly like the cast member they are based on. 
Nice additions to my growing collection. 


The Wargame Addict said...

I totally agree, they ARE corking sculpts, and you've really brought them to life with your excellent paint job!
Really looking forward to following how this Dad's Army orientated Sealion unfolds :-)

Phil said...

Beautiful figures, love the expressive faces, great job!

Simon Quinton said...

They both look fab Rob. Can't beat watching a bit of Dad's Army now and again.