Saturday, 20 January 2018

Konflikt 47:|Soviet Ursus Infantry (Ggrrrr!)

I bought these at Salute last year and painted them a while ago, but never got round to photographing them at the time. I have been waiting for some good daylight to get some decent pictures and this week I finally manged to snap a few photos for the blog.

These are Ursus troopers for Konflikt 47. This is a Weird WW2 rules based on Bolt Action. It allows me to use my existing Soviet and German armies with as many or as few 'weird' tweaks as I like. This has the huge advantage that I don't have to buy and paint a whole new army, but instead can add to my existing one as the mood strikes (and as I can afford). 

Ursus Infantry are a weapon utilising Ursine DNA to create an 8ft tall man/bear hybrid that could go toe-to toe with any enhanced infantry on the battlefields of 1947. Powerful, but lacking control, the Ursus soldiers were often unleashed in highly contested areas of the battlefield to tip the balance of favour towards the Soviet army.


Phil Curran said...

Trim off the pouches and those could be used for Bloodbowl.

Simon Quinton said...

Great looking minis and paint job. I do like these figures for K47.

pulpcitizen said...

Very nicely done Rob. :)

Good stuff. :)

Michael Sheen said...

Love this article. Good Stuff !!

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