Monday, 1 January 2018

Home Front: German Agents Disguised as Nuns?

Recently I have been continuing my interest in Operation Sealion as an alternative World War Two setting. Sumner 20017 saw a flurry of releases from Warlord Games to support their Bolt Action Operation Sealion supplement and these complement the original Wargames Foundry Home Guard figures quite nicely. 

Some of the figures are certainly more tongue in cheek, but I love that. I am a massive fan of Dad's Army and don't mind if my Sealion collection veers into the slightly silly or even has a shade or two of Pulp. 

The idea of German agents disguised as nuns seems to have originated in the the "Fifth Column" scares in the British media at the beginning of the period in 1941-42 when the threat of invasion looked real. As far as I am aware it was just hysteria/media hype, and no German agents ever dressed as nuns...never the less the idea fits in well with the slightly silly Dad's Army vibe. 

These figures are by Warlord and Foundry. 


Jay said...


The Wargame Addict said...

I absolutely love these - and indeed the whole idea of a "Dads Army" tongue-in-cheek take on 'Sealion'.
Marvelous stuff, but don't tell 'em your name Pike!

John Lambshead said...

I put a piece about the Nazi Nun hysteria in the Sea Lion supplement.

Rob Bresnen said...

Gosh John.I never knew I had wargaming celebrity following my blog. I really enjoyed reading the Sealion supplement. I thought you got the tone spot on.

Phil said...

Outstanding details on these wonderful minis...excellent!