Saturday 12 October 2019

VBCW Big Game (Herefordshire)

A few pictures from today's Big Game in Herefordshire (not so big as there was only five of us there). 
The Communist and the royalist/fascist were both trying to 'tax' the same area of Herefordshire to replace losses incurred in recent battles. The local farmers had other ideas.
The game started surprisingly peaceful, with both the communist and the government forces not wanting to antagonise the well armed farmers, preferring instead to do battle using proxies in the from of unallied forces (the police, the AA, some well armed rugby players) to influence the farmers.

Things took a sharp detore when two platoons of german paratroopers (umpire controlled) dropped onto the battlefield with orders to eliminate the communist leader, Colonel- Commissar Professor Winters.
Some of the farmers, lead by Farmer Giles, unimpressed with foreign Johnnies dropping into their farms unannounced and uninvited, switched sides and started shooting at the Germans and their fascist allies.
The Communists and Farmer Giles managed to hold off the combined forces of the Government, the Fascists, the Germans and a treacherous, greedy farmer who sided with them. When it became clear that Farmer Giles' farm house was undefendable, the Communist fell back to a solid defensive position behind the farm. 
Reluctantly Colonel-Commissar Professor Winters gave the order for an orderly withdrawal. The Communist had acquired a fair amount of bootie (I mean voluntary contributions to the workers cause), and even rescued forces sweetheart Vera Lynn from the clutches of the Fascist regime. All this and they has only suffered a single casualty, killed by a bouncing exploding rugby ball. 
Not a bad result really. 
Farmer Giles and his family sadly lost their farm house, but Professor Winters gamely arranged to send them all to one of the CPGB's many luxurious re-education facilities. 
A van belonging to the CPGB Voluntary Contributions Unit- charged with redistributing wealth. 

Some unallied rugger buggers

The AA with their new tank. (Another unallied faction)

A firefight breaks out between the Royal Main the AA as both sides start using the unallied factions as proxies in the battle. 

Sergeant Thomson of the Voluntary Contributions Unit of the CPGB stops a passing vehicle and inspects it for contraband. After a small voluntary contribution to the communist cause most of the vehicles were allowed to continue on their way. 

Meanwhile some of the Communist round up wildstock to take. All in the name of the workers of Great Britain, of course. 

The BBC film plucky Communists assaulting the AA tank with nothing more than a crowbar and a Molotov cocktail. 

I wonder if the roadside assistance will be able to fix that!
Boy scouts set up a roadblock and search a cadbury's can. Unfortunately for them it was empty!

One of the farmers had a Flame tank. It looked impressive but it was crudely built. 

Colonel-Commissar Professor Winters and his command section. 

A solid defensive line blocked the fascist advance and allowed the Communist to retreat in good order with their bootie. 


Simon Quinton said...

Great report it looks excellent!

Michael Awdry said...

That looked like an absolute blast. I roared with laughter when I saw the AA Tank, resplendent in its yellow livery - genius!

Michal DwarfCrypt said...

Hell yeah! Looking awesome!

Stuart S said...

Great looking game.
Loving the rugby team.

Mike C said...

Absolutely brilliant. Giving me some serious ideas.