Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Captain Bagwana of the PRA

Captain John Bagwana is a regional commander in the neo-communist Zugando People’s Resistance army. He claims to have been an officer in the British paratroopers, and always sports a red beret. Journalist Rex Sadler managed to uncover that a Zugandan soldier named Johan Bagwana did serve as a private in the paratroopers regiment, but as yet the British Government has refused to confirm if it the same individual.

The UK Special Forces units operating in the area have been given a property kill-capture order on dealing with Bagwana after troops under his command ambushed an SAS patrol and killed two men. Commanders on the ground have vowed not to underestimate Bagwana again. 

Again these figures are by The Assault Group. I have painted these in a fairly random mixture of green army fatigues to suggest the irregular nature of the PRA, compared to the Zugandan army. Bagwana's beret and wicked looking machete will make him stand our frothe rank and file on the battlefield (and no doubt make him a priory target for the UK Special Forces player!)


MIK said...

Love these figs, lots of character and a good paintjob to boot. Nice writeup as well.

Michael Awdry said...

Superb job on these; definitely not a group to underestimate judging by the amount of firepower they are wielding!