Tuesday 19 June 2012

Even more PRA Militia for my Shanty Town!

And now, even more militiamen for the Zugando People’ Resistance Army. I am now very close to finishing the first stage of the project. I guess something like this is never really finished, but I find it easier to break it up into stage. I am –partially pleased with the one in the middle in the top photo- it’s not that clear in the picture but he is wearing a Manchester united top- When my wife went to Nairobi she said that all the people ever talk about in ManU, so I thought it seemed appropriate.

Again I used a mix of The Assault Group African Militia and Somali militia. I have been careful with the paints to disguise the fact that some of the figures are the same as the ones I painted for the ‘Elite’ PRA soldiers. 


pulpcitizen said...

Looking forwrds to gaming with these; they look great. :)

tim said...

Looking good, Rob. Nice and colourful!