Sunday, 10 June 2012

KKBB Boiler Suited Henchmen

 Every aspiring world dominating villain needs legions of faithful henchmen to carry out his nefarious plans, build secret lairs, feed the killer sharks, tie heroes to ‘Death Ray Traps’ etc. The attire of choice for the loyal thugs is obviously the brightly coloured boiler suit.
  These henchmen are no exception, having been kitted out with bright yellow boiler suits and nice shiny helmets to maker them even more conspicuous. Be wary enemies of tyrants everywhere- these guys will be ready to die to stop you (and no doubt they will, in droves!)

These figures are part of the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang range jointly produced by Copplestone Castings and Artizan Designs. Mark Copplestone sculpts these ones, and very nice they are too. They will also be useful as hirelings for super villains in my four colour campaign and as hired guns for Pulp City.


Jay said...

Very nice sculpts and painting. To me, the helmets are begging for a decal, or whatever, to adorn them.

Simon Quinton said...

I love these I picked some up last week hard hats and beret variants and they are by far my favorites of all my security minion types.

Keep your eye out on Crooked Dice they are releasing some more soon with rifles, smgs, pistols and truncheons

Michael Awdry said...

Very nicely done, especially the yellow which is always hard to pull off.

Millsy said...

You forgot "clean the filter on the piranha pond" ;-). Lovely work as always and spot on about yellow being a hard colour to get right. I agree about the need for a logo on the helmets too.