Friday, 15 June 2012

Delta Force Fire Team- Behind the Lines in Zugando

  US Special Forces have been operating in Zugando ad part of the allies’ attempts to neutralise the People’s Resistance Army. Although the current UN charter does not mandate their actions, they have been operating in the country for twelve months, in conjunction with UK Special Forces, to try to eliminate the leadership and supply chains of the PRA. USSF specialist expertise in CQB and the use of unmanned Predator drones have proved invaluable in the campaign so far. 

These are a mixture of Empress Miniatures and Eureka Miniatures- to be honest, now they are based and painted I have a hard time telling the different manufacturers apart- Empress tend to be a little taller, but there is not much in it. Both ranges are really well sculpted and cast, with tons of details. Finding reference pictures of USSF in their uniforms isn't easy. I opted to try to paint them in MultiCam- with a reasonable degree of success, I think. 


pulpcitizen said...

Very nice work; the opposing forces are progressing well. :)

Michael Awdry said...

Wonderful, they are looking great.