Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Atlantis: Mythical Beasts

My son 13 year old  Charlie has been quietly and industriously working on a Greek Myth inspired collection of Greek hoplites and mythical beasties. This started when he picked up a pack of plastic armoured hoplites, but his enthusiasm has been enhanced by watching Atlantis on the BBC and the Brad Pit movie Troy. 
I have enough on my hobby plate so I have left him too it, apart form showing him how to put the first few together (and bank rolling the whole thing).
I ordered a few monsters from Reaper (off the Miniature Heroes website). These are the Reaper Bones series- made form a moulded rubbery plastic. I went for this option because they looked good, and because they were very cheep. This pair cost less that £4 each.
I was very surprised the high quality of the castings and the lack of mould lines. What lines there were, however, were very difficult to remove, as the material can not be filed very easily. For the cost, I was very impressed. 

Charlie painted this Minotaur. I was very impressed with his work, and I really think it shows how he is coming on as a painter.  

This Cyclops is mine- my only contribution so far to the Atlantis project. He began life as an Ogre chieftain, but I cut away the top of his face and pushed a dress makers pin into the back and sculpted up the face in green stuff. It was a surprisingly easy and effective conversion, with the soft rubbery material of the Reaper Bones being very easy to work with. 

I hope you like the background in these pictures- I took them outside in the garden, and I thought the red berries looked suitable festive.  I suspect that today might have been the last sunny day for some time. 


pulpcitizen said...

Excellent work from both of you, and it is great to see more of Charlie's minis. :)

A VCBW/FIW/Atlantis/Zombies mash-up one day? LOL. :)

Simon Quinton said...

Great job on them. Charlie is a coming along nicely as a painter.

Loving the Cyclops conversion brilliant idea.