Friday, 13 December 2013

French and Indian Wars: Civilians

Here are a few of the F+IW civilians I have been working on- they are from Redoubt. The one on the right was badly cast ans missing part of the face- which is a shame because the quality of the casts from Redoubt are normally very high. I used Liquid Green Stuff form Games Workshop to build up the side of her face and sculpted in some details- its not 100% but it looks passable enough on the tabletop. 


Simon Quinton said...

Nice job. I take it these are for scenery or will they take on active role in the game?

Rob Bresnen said...

there is a slot in the army list for 'civilians' and the description says something like 'mostly old men and women' as the menfolk are counted as 'Militia'. However these ladies are obviously not armed and have children with them, so I think I will use them as objectives etc. I will get some armed women from Redoubt when I next place and order.

pulpcitizen said...

Nicely done Rob.

FIW in January....?

Did you contact Redoubt regarding the miscast?