Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Madness 2013: Once upon a Time in Lapland

It's that time of year again when our thoughts turn to the festive fun we can have playing Pulp City (well, that's what I think of!). Mr Pulp Citizen and I have got together and managed to get another holiday themed Pulp City game in. Last years game ended in a win for Bad Santa, leading to a generally dull, cheer-free year for the unfortunate citizens of Pulp City. This year the Bad Santa and his Villainous allies go toe to toe with the Good Santa and the Heroes of Pulp City in a rumble in the frozen forests of Lapland. 

Basically it was a game of 'grab as many Christmas spirit markers (the red and green presents and the snow man) and get them back into your board edge.' Steeling Christmas Spirit of the enemy is fine too, especially for the villains.  

We deliberately went for Pulp City characters we haven't used many times before, to keep things fresh (and to stop me whipping Pulp Citizens ass with the primate mercenaries of ARC- my favourite team).


The Pulp City figures are all from Pulp Citizens collection- the snow men and zombies are mine. The scenery was mostly scratch built by me, as were the Christmas spirit markers. The log cabins were by 4Ground and the snow covered board was custom made by Total System Sceneics.

Many thanks to Pulp Citizen for editing the photos I took into this super AAR. 


tradgardmastare said...

And to you and yours from all at the Duchy of Tradgardland!

David Ross said...

Very nice!