Saturday, 28 December 2013

Burma: Imperial Japanese Army

As promised- my Bolt Action Imperial Japanese Army is now finished- so I have completed my Chindit and Japanese forces in 12 months- no mean feat, especially given that I have taken a great dislike to painting Japanese.
These models are a mix of Bolt Action (Warlord Games) and The Assault Group. I reserve a special dislike of the Bolt Action Figures, which I found to be poorly cast, difficult to assemble (they have separate heads- lord knows why) , and badly sculpted- except the Jungle fighters, which where OK.
I would like to add a few soldiers to bulk up the command sections, and one of the infantry sections needs an MG, but on the whole here it is complete. 

Artillery FOO and Radio operator


HMG Team

Jungle Fighters

Light Mortar


pulpcitizen said...

They look excellent despite your dislike for some of the minis.

Well done for persevering against that frustration with the sculpts and casts.

tim said...

That's a fine looking force there, Rob. I'm sure it will be fun to get them into action against your Chindits!

John Lambshead said...

I thought the BA Japanese pretty good. LOL. different strokes etc.

Simon Quinton said...

Fantastic looking force Rob. Great job certainly will look forward to some battle reports!

Anonymous said...

Can't help but agree with you, I loathe separate heads, if they made them with fixed heads I'd buy everything bolt action sells but they don't so I give them a wide berth.