Sunday 16 October 2016

Zombtober 2016: Bring Out Your Dead Part 4

Another week of Zombtober is over and it has been going well. I have been looking over the other blogs that are participating in this zombtober and I have seen lots of icky zombies and desperate survivors. It's been great fun to see everyones zombie hordes taking shape. 

My own zombie horde has expanded (I painted another 12 this week), but sadly due to a shortage of brown paint i haven't managed to get many based up ready to be photographed. I did, however, manage to get this little unit filler painted and based, so I will submit this as my entry for this week. I am going to Games Workshop to pick up some more paint later today, so hopefully I will be able to do a midweek update when I get the latest zombies based up. 

The grave stones came from Peter Pig, and the zombies are from Ral Partha Europe. 

Here is my unit filler ranked up with last weeks Zombies. 

And here is my new 15mm Garden of Morr.  This is my new pride and joy, and having spent the best part of three or four evenings on it, it is probably the most work I have ever put into a piece of terrain. Although it is not an exact replica of the Games Workshop Garden of Morr, I think it has captured the essence of the original model.

The 15mm skulls and gravestones are from Peter Pig, while the other bits are scratch built of are from my Games workshop bits box. 


Dick Garrison said...

I like you zombies but the star of the show has to be that Garden of Morr, that is superb!

Great work.

Cheers Roger.

Simon Quinton said...

Awesome job dude on the mini Garden of Morr it looks cracking. The unit filler is cool as well liking the rising from the graves theme. Look forward to seeing the rest finished

Michael Awdry said...

Sensational work Rob.

Kieron said...

It's all looking excellent, especially the Garden of Morr. Keep up the good work.

pulpcitizen said...

Excellent work all around, especially with the Garden of Morr. Great stuff. )

Da Gobbo said...

Great terrain piece dude

Mike C said...

Amazing job. That is a Garden of Morr if ever I saw one.

Smillie said...

Love the graveyard, looks really good. The Rising Zombies are also fantastic!