Sunday 26 July 2009

I haven't painted many super hero figures of late, having been distracted by my Conan range, and the Sci-fi crew, and by my Diorama of Doom entry. Finally I decided that enough was enough, and so I painted this geezer tonight.

This unsavory character is a nameless, vicious underworld criminal- dangerous, brutal and mean- don't cross him, or you may find yourself sleeping with the fishes.
This is a Mark Copplestone miniature, from Copplestone Castings (one of the 'Bad Guys in Suits' pack). We needed some more generic thugs and criminals for our campaign, and after a quick root through the metal mountain I came across this guy. I like him a lot, as he has a portly figure, rather like my self. For some reason I though he had a seventies styling to him, hence the retro green suit.

Tuesday 14 July 2009

Hats of to the excellent KR Multicase, who make really useful carrying cases for minis, in all sorts of sizes and shapes.
I am moving house soon, and so I need to pack up my precious minis ready for the journey (about a mile down the road). I have used KR Multicase before, and been pleased with the product, and so I naturally turned to them when I need some more cases.
They have a good deal on at the moment, where bu if you buy one of their carrying cases in a nice bag, they will send you another sturdy card board one, plus foam inserts, free. I ordered a this deal on Sunday night, and was delighted when it arrived Tuesday morning- now that is service!