Monday 31 May 2010

News time.
Me old mucka Pulp Citizen is having a competition, with a chance to get your hands on a rare Pulp City 28mm figure. The idea of the competition is to write a brief description of a location of character from the Pulp City world. Sounds fun; I will be entering for sure. Follow this link to Pulp Citizen, one of the best super-blogs going (after this one, of course!) for more details.

More News. A while ago I blogged about a podcast I have been enjoying, featuring SciFi audio stories called Starship Sofa. While I am still loving my regular fix of SciFi goodness form the sofa, I have also recently discovered a new (well new to me at least) podcast called Secret World Chronicles, by Mercedes Lackey and Steve Libbey. Unlike Starship sofa, which features the works of different writers each episode, Secret World Chronicles is an ongoing story, with each episode building up the world and advancing the plot. The world Mercedes and Steve have created is one in which super humans have existed since Wold War Two, but which has, in the twenty first century, been invaded by aliens. Nazi aliens at that.
The writing is gripping, fast paced and fun, and the narration is excellent. I can't stop listening to it- in the car, cooking, even in bed. I can't recommend it enough to fans of the superhero genre.
Both Starship Sofa and Secret World Chronicles can be down loaded free of charge from Itunes. What are you waiting for?

Wednesday 26 May 2010

I am aware I haven't posted as many pictures of my minis as normal in the last few weeks. This is, in part, because of painting fatigue following the Lead Painters League competition for the Lead Adventure Forum, where I was required to paint a grueling 5 figures a week for ten weeks. Incidentally I did rather well in the competition, coming in the top 50% (22 out of 46). Also, as the painting project I am working on currently is not directly connected with my Four Colour Super project, I thought I would not post them as work progressed, but might still feature them in a later post, for the benefit of anyone who's interested.

The net result is that I thought I might as well quickly paint up something to post here, and so here it is...
The Supreme Theonarg of the Warstar.
He is the high commander of the Grey battle fleet, as well a it's
spiritual head.

Commander Nargette.
Second in command of the Warstar,
a ruthless warrior in her own right.

Chief Secnarg Gunerg,
Wielder of the Twin Ear-cannons
and head of security.

Lord Probenarg, Guardian of the Emerald Probe,
respected science officer

Master Psynarg of the Thrid Rite

Elite Sensi of the School of Psyonics

These figures are made by Black Cat Bases. I painted them in slightly silly four colour uniforms, and gave them silly names because I thought it suited their character. I also based the on the same Fenris Games resin bases I used for my Scifi game, giving them some cross over use. The might not be the best sculpted or best cast minis, but I really like them, and think they're a lot of fun. Hope you like them. There might be more on their way soon (an invasion?)

Wednesday 12 May 2010

Here's a pic of my latest silly purchase. It is a computer from a Primeval action figure. I bought it from Tescos in a sale for £1.95. It came with an action figure which, as it's unlikely to ever be collectible, I chucked in the bin, and a set of five walkie talkies, which I kept for in my Bitz Box. It was the computer screens I was really after. Three for under £2, and with nice computer displays of global satellite images- too good an offer to miss. Imagine them gracing a mad scientists lab or the control hub of a super hero head-quarters. For now they will end up in my growing pile of 'will do that one day', but may be some day soon they will be dug out, receive a quick paint job, a new base, and be ready to grace my gaming table.

Tuesday 11 May 2010

Fire Dragon is a member of Team Metro, London's premier super team. Many in his native Wales felt aggrieved when their most potent superhero swapped the valleys of his homeland for the bright lights of London, and the celebrity lifestyle associated with being a member of Team Metro. The Cardiff lad seems to have settle in well to his new environment, and is a great hit with the ladies. He has been romantically linked to a number of famous women, if resent tabloid stories are to be believed.

This mini is another Reaper one for the defunct Silver Age Sentinels role playing game -This chap is Officer Prometheus. All I had to do was sand of the police shield badge on his chest. Painting the flames was more good luck that skill. I wasn't very happy with them when I did them, but I think it photographs rather well.

Monday 10 May 2010

Last week I finally got round to tidying up my garage.
After we moved house lots of stuff got dumped in there, as people often do- boxes of yet to be unpacked ornaments, pictures, books etc. Some we will, I am sure, get round to using again, others will be forever stashed in the loft for sentimental reasons, while yet more will be destined for the old car boot sale. On top of all that stuff was dumped yet more junk- unwanted furniture waiting for recycling, badly stowed garden tools inherited from my father-in-laws house, the Halloween decorations that never quite made it into the loft and so on. You can see that it was quite a daunting task to tackle, and one that I have been procrastinate about of late.- "I am too busy with work/allotment/writing/blogging/on forums/painting for the lead painters leagues" (delete where applicable).
Last week I finally ran out of excuses, and plowed on into the garage. After a fair few hours work, I have converted the household dump into a fully functioning gaming room, complete with designer red velvet sofa and permanent gaming table!

It might not be the poshest gaming room in the world (I have seen pictures of the Perry Twins gaming room- sweet gaming paradise!) but it's a good start. Next payday I am off to Argos to buy a kettle, tea bag storage jars and some mugs etc. What else could we possibly need?

By the way, yes, my gaming table is made of two Homebase wallpaper tables clamped together. I covered the surface in sand and stippled on various shades of brown with a brush. Clamped together, its not too wobbly. It's a very inexpensive way to make a board, and easy to transport too, should the situation warrant it. The whole thing cost about £30. It measures 3 foot 11, by 5 foot 11, so it's almost regulation size.

Friday 7 May 2010

Welcome to member number 13, Duck Sauce, I hope you like what you see. I would guess your planning to do your own superhero miniature blog, when you get around to it, and look forward to seeing what you have got to show us. I also hope you last longer that the last Number 13 who seemed to disappear after a could of days...

Last week Leon (Pulp Citizen) and I got together for a game of Pulp City. We played two games. The highlight of the first was when Rook took out one of Leon's hero by pounding him into the asphalt with a trash dumpster. We also used the trial beta rules for creating minions to create some zombies, which were quite fun (an very hard to kill!).
The second game featured two level three (ie VERY hard) characters. That was a lot of fun, because they can use their powered to enhance the performance of their lesser team members. We ran out of time for the battle, but by the end it was obvious Leon's heroes had taken the day, but not without loosing a lot of their own to my evil minions.
No pictures this time, but next time we will do a full battle report and take loads.
Two more Team Metro members here- The Crusader, and Yeoman. Crusader claims to be a reincarnation of an Arthurian warrior spirit. Well informed sources say that she is actually the alter ego of Louise Maybreck, a shy retiring Liberian from Sutton Colfield, England. Quite how she came to be one of London's defenders, and one of the finest sword-fighters in the worlds remains a mystery. She has an extensive knowledge of supernatural mysteries and has proved the deceive factor time and time again when Team Metro has done battle with the forces of darkness. Her armoured costume was designed by Yeoman.
Yeoman, aka business tycoon Richard Pickle, is a genius inventor, poet, warrior and all round renaissance man. Some have questioned the motives, and indeed the sanity, of a man who regularly puts himself in the line of fire to protect London from super-villains. He is known to have designed his powered armour and halberd himself. He provides Team Metro with it's technical support and with many of its resources.
It is widely known that Crusader and Yeoman are lovers, and have been for some time. Attempts to keep their relationship secret proved futile in the glare of the constant media scrutiny that follows Team Metro where ever they go.

Crusader is a now out of production Silver Age Sentinels figure, produced by Reaper, and sculpted by Sandra Garrity, to support the Role playing games of the same name. They were available in the UK but I acquired her from a friend in the USA. Yeoman is a Pulp City figure (Rook). I love this clunky armoured sculpt. He is one of my favorite figures from the entire range.