Friday 7 May 2010

Welcome to member number 13, Duck Sauce, I hope you like what you see. I would guess your planning to do your own superhero miniature blog, when you get around to it, and look forward to seeing what you have got to show us. I also hope you last longer that the last Number 13 who seemed to disappear after a could of days...

Last week Leon (Pulp Citizen) and I got together for a game of Pulp City. We played two games. The highlight of the first was when Rook took out one of Leon's hero by pounding him into the asphalt with a trash dumpster. We also used the trial beta rules for creating minions to create some zombies, which were quite fun (an very hard to kill!).
The second game featured two level three (ie VERY hard) characters. That was a lot of fun, because they can use their powered to enhance the performance of their lesser team members. We ran out of time for the battle, but by the end it was obvious Leon's heroes had taken the day, but not without loosing a lot of their own to my evil minions.
No pictures this time, but next time we will do a full battle report and take loads.

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