Wednesday 25 July 2012

Two Flames of War Buildings

These two buildings are both 15mm scale World War 2 buildings suitable for Flames of War games set in Normandy. Both are made from pre-cut laser-cut MDF.
Flames of War Buildings
The one on the left is by Sassissa Precision and comes flat pack and unpainted: It costs £9. Obviously I have painted this one myself, and it took 2-3 hours to assemble and paint to this standard.
The one on the right is a new one from 4Ground, and also comes flat pack- the difference is that 4Ground gives the option of having pre-painted models- like this one. This one took about an hour to assemble- it’s a more complicated model that the Sarrissa Precision one- but obviously did not need painting. It cost £13.
Now- personally I think the one I painted looks a bit better- given that you can see the joints on the roof and walls of the 4Ground one, but give that it was a pain in the butt to paint, the 4Ground stuff certainly has some merit. The difference of just £4 for the models is quite surprising, and the fact that the laser cutters adds a thin layer of soot that provides instant weathering is a great feature- so much so that I think I will go back to the Sarrissa buildings I have already finished and add some weathering powder.
Over all, I think that if you want to lavish lots of time and attention on your scenery and have a fantastic looking table top- then I would go with Sarrissa (or even 4Grounds very reasonably priced unpainted models), and paint them yourself. But if you want a pretty good-looking tabletop, and quickly- then go for the new 4Ground stuff.
Me? I think I am too lazy to paint more houses for Flames of War. In future 4Ground will get my business. 

Saturday 14 July 2012

Technicals Incoming!

Here are some pictures of some ‘Technicals’ I have made for my African Militia, to provide them with some manoeuvrability and firepower.

A technical with a .50 Cal HMG

And without it's gun crew as a civvie vehical

A Technical with a recoilless rifle for a bit on anti-tank

These are made using Britannia Miniatures. The vehicles are resin; the wheels, crew and weapons are metal. I have based the gun crew on a piece of plasticard cut to fit the trailer area, so that I can remove the crew to us this as a civilian vehicles, perhaps in a supers game, with red-necks, or in a post-apocalypse game with zombies and alike. This also make storing them a bit easier too.

Thursday 12 July 2012

Mr Pink and Armand (KKBB)

Mr Pink is a fashoinista, one of the hip, happening crowd dominating the Swinging London scene: He also happens to be an international jewel thief. Anything but discreet, Mr Pink’s effete persona and cast iron alibis mean that no one would suspect him of his outrageous, daring crimes.
Seen here with his personal assistant, the ever-loyal Armand. Armand’s many and varied skills include being a black belt in judo, a quick-draw with a pistol and able to cut a suit from a bolt of cloth in under three minutes!

This pair are from the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang range produced jointly by Artizan Productions and Copplestone Castings. (Mr Pink is Artizan and Armand is Copplestone).
I have tried very hard to inject bright colours into my entire KKBB range, to suggest the whole sixties psychedelic era. I know it’s not historically accurate, and is more Austin Powers than Simon Templar, but that’s the look I am after. It’s a nice contrast to the dowdy colours of my 1930’s VBCW range.
The problem is that I have been thinking about how I was going to paint Mr Pink for ages- he looks so serious and strait laced, with his bowler hat and suit. The obvious thing would to go for pin stripes and a stiff banker look, but he would look so dull. In a moment of inspiration I dug out some bright pink paint and started slapping it on- as soon as I stared I knew I was on to something. All I had to do was come up with a rational for a man dressed in a pink suit and bowler hat.

Wednesday 11 July 2012

Fresh Blood for the Order of Anubis

Here are two new warriors for the Order of Anubis, the ancient order of vampire-knights who continue their duty into modern times. Sworn to protect vampire kind from all threats, these undead soldiers of the night have embraced modern technology along side more traditional fighting methods, making them lethal foes to be feared by their enemies.

Misha is a vixen. She may lack the combat prowess of the other knights, but over a century and a half as a vampire has given her a unique skill set: she can manipulate anyone, using her beauty, charm, charisma and, if the situation requires it, the threat of extreme violence, to coheres people into doing her wishes. In many ways she is the respectable face of the Order of Anubis, an envoy who can smooth over problems before they escalate. But for all her honeyed words, it is wise to remember that the full force of the Order backs her up.

Erin appears to be a teenage girl, a guise she likes to foster as it often causes foes to underestimate her. If fact she was born in Europe three centuries ago, and has devoted her undead life to the service of the Order of Anubis. She rejects most modern weapons in favour of the more traditional. Having spent five decades in Japan, studying kenjitsu, her preferred weapon is a silvered katana, Moonblade, made by the legendary swordsmith Muramasa in the 13th century.

Here’s a group shot of the knights of the Order of Anubis. From left to right: Misha; McLeod; Deacon; Amilie and Erin.

Misha and Erin are both by Copplestone Castings as part of Mark Copplestone’s Future Wars range- they are listed under Corporate Babes. I bought both packs of Corporate Babes as they have some figures I think I will be able to disarm and convert into modern civilians, but these two stood out from the rest and are crying out to be vampires. 

Friday 6 July 2012

Duke of Farnham’s 1st Dragoon Yeomanry

  It’s back to 1938, and a bit of VBCW ‘History’.
  The Duke of Farnham’s 1st Dragoon Yeomanry is a volunteer militia in the service of the Duke of Farnham, the nobleman charged with the defence of Chester during the Very British Civil War. The Duke’s nephew and heir, Brigadier Lord Grover, was originally a captain in the 9th Hussars, and is very much a cavalry officer. When he accepted his commission in the Duke’s private army he was determined to establish a cavalry to serve in the defence of the city of Chester. The 1st Dragoon Yeomanry is the result of his efforts.
  The Dragoon Yeomen are drawn from the wealthy landowners area Chester. Their ‘uniform’ is the scarlet hunting jacket, which makes they rather dashing on the battlefield. Lord Grover, being no fool, has realised that light cavalry is unlikely to survive long on the modern battlefield of 1938, and has trained his cavalry to fight as light Dragoons, using the manoeuvrability of their horses to get into position, but then to dismount and fight on foot as infantry.

 I have wanted to do a ‘hunt’ ever since getting into VBCW- after all what could be more typically British that a hunt scene. Having seen great swathes of cavalry mowed down by HMG fire, I knew that I wanted my beloved cavalry to be able to fight as dismounted infantry, so I have been looking around for figure that would suit, having both a mounted and dismounted version.
  Black Tree Designs Boer War range offered these fantastic models, and relatively cheaply too. BTD often have sales on, and I picked up these cavalry during one of these. I have had to alter it a bit, filling the legs so that they look like riding boots, and doing a head-swap to give them a helmeted head form West Wind Games.
  This pair (well it’s one figure really- mounted and dismounted) are my test models really. I am generally happy with the looks- it might need a bit of work to get the red brighter- and then I am going to roll out a whole load of them!

Tuesday 3 July 2012

Diplomatic Attaché and Driver

Commander James Castle, seen here on the left, is a former RN officer, who now works for the foreign office as diplomatic attaché to Her Majesties Embassy in Moscow. Rumours that he is a fully sanctioned member of MI6, with a licence to kill, have been neither confirmed nor deigned.
Castle’s associate, Mr Rick Seaborne, is apparently a low level employee at the embassy, working as Commander Castle’s driver. The fact that he is fluent in Russian, a crack shot and a black belt at karate surges his true vocation might lie elsewhere.

Again two more figures from the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang range- Castle is by Copplestone Castings, while Seaborne is by Artizan Designs. 

Sunday 1 July 2012

Ezekiel Maxwell Tries to Take Over The World (Again)

This is Ezekiel Maxwell, billionaire businesses tycoon/evil megalomaniac villain. His nefarious plotting to take over the world have yet to see fruition, as he is constantly thwarted by the heroic actions of a small number of brave spies and by the ineptitude of his own henchmen. His latest plan to take over the world, a Doomsday Ray, is sure to work: if the heroes try to stop him they will find that his latest death trap is particularly vicious and ingenious (no doubt involving giant man-eating sharks!)

These figures are made by Copplestone Castings in their Kiss Kiss Bang Bang range.  As always, great fun to paint.