Friday 30 January 2009

Any one who is a fan of Super hero models, heroclix, Superfigs etc should check out Reme Bostal's website. It's all in french, but don't let that stop you, because you are only looking at the pics anyway. This guy is crazy-good at making models and scenery for his super heroes. I have never seen anything like this!

Thursday 29 January 2009

Argh! Run in terror! The Zombies have found our safe haven!

I honestly don't know what I am going to use this figure for, but he was so cute and cartooney that I have to have him. I guess he could be an evil minion or something? The mini is an OOP Spyglass zombie, but you may have some luck getting hold of it if you check out the Spyglass website, they still have some stock they are clearing.
I painted the flesh using GW foundation Gretchen Green, with a bit of Dheneb stone added to highlight, then washed it with thinned down green and flesh wash mixed together. It was very simple, but really effective.

This bruiser is Wolf, a mutant with feral reflexes and an astounding power of rapid regeneration. He has been a hero for decades, with no sign of aging or slowing down. He has a reputation of something of a loner, and many other hero's find him very difficult to get on with.

This figure is, I think, a Superfig, but I am not sure. He was part of a batch of 'spares' my friend Leon kindly gave me. The casting is a bit ropey around the groin, and the scale is a bit over-large, but I love is action pose. The costume is based on the old costume of a more well known feral loner-type.

Friday 23 January 2009

This is the delightfully charming and fiendishly cunning Black Cat, who's daring robberies and narrow escapes have won her the notoriety she craves and the grudging respect of many a frustrated superhero. The media love her, and the tabloid newspapers calmer for pictures and stories about her, something the fame (or infamy) seeking Black Cat is happy to oblige them with.
This beautifully sculpted figure is another Hasslefree sculpting. It was lovely to paint, although I did the skin tones under an electric light and spent hours blending it so it was really subtle, but then the next day, in day light, I saw that it was too grey and I had to start over. Ho hum. Still, I am pleased with the results.

Tuesday 20 January 2009

The fearsome Red Queen is an entity from another dimension, trapped here as punishment for indiscretions in the royal court of her master, The Arch Duke Azregh. She plans to carve out her own empire through force and terror, and then to return to her own dimension to overthrow Azregh.
This lovely mini is a Spyglass figure, and sadly is out of production as Spyglass recently closed down. A shame if you ask me.

Sunday 18 January 2009

This is very much an aside form the theme of the blog, that is to say "Four Colour Super Heroes" But I thought I would take an opportunity to showcase some other figures I have been working on recently. Inspired by the Dark Horse Conan graphic novels, of which I am a huge fan, I began painting some suitable minis, with a view to starting a Conan RPG with my mates. It also made me up my game a lot when it comes to painting skin tones as many of them are semi-clad at best. I am also experimenting with None-Metallic-Metallics too, with mixed success. I hope you like them, and don't mind indulging me. I promise there are some more super heroes (well, super villainess's)coming very very soon, so keep checking.

The Nubian girl, the Semi-clad blond barbarian male, the girl with the shield and the "Strumpet" in the brown skirt are all Hasslefree figures.
The big barbarian with the cloak and armour is made by heresy.
finally, the dark haired girl in white is from Spyglass mini's. Spyglass is sadly a victim of the credit crunch, and is no longer making mini's, but you might be ables to still get hold of one if you try at

Saturday 10 January 2009

It's not really a super mini, but I made this at work from Scupley. I really enjoyed it, and so I thought I would post a Pic for all the world to see. He looks cute, but he is bent on world domination!
P.S. I know- I have a cool job.

Friday 9 January 2009

I have just bought two KR Multicase's to store my figures in. Find them at . I am very pleased with the purchase, as they have proved exactly what I need. They are sturdy cardboard carrying cases with a handle and foam inserts cut to fit you figs. They are relatively inexpensive (£20 for a custom case, including P+P) and the inserts come in a very wide variety of depths and shapes, including pluck and pick which I have been able to shape to the larger models in my collection which will not otherwise fit into a case. I rate this company very highly and will buy more as soon as I can afford it. My only criticism is that the foam trays are a bit soft, making them difficult to pick up.
This is Jet Stream, the latest hot thing to hit the super world. The media are in a frenzy trying to get pictures and gossip on this teen idol, and she is certainly not shy of the limelight. She has a jet pack that her Daddy had made, and wields a pair of heavily modified Colts with awesome accuracy.
This figure is from the Hasslefree range. I used a back pack off a Grym (Sci-fi dwarf soldiers also by Hasslefree) and repositioned her head by sawing it off with a razor saw and pinning it back in situ. Sounds painful.

Friday 2 January 2009

This evil creature is an Alien War Construct made by a mysterious race of aliens, and sent to Earth as part of a preparation fro an invasion. It has orders to seek out and fight the most powerful super beings on the planet so that it's foul masters might gauge how much resistance they can expect. It is deadly fast, nearly indestructible, and immensely strong, as well as equipped with all manner of cybernetic inbuilt weaponry.
This mini is a Sci-Fi zombie made by hasslefree. I painted it blue to give it a bit more of an alien feel. It's a work I did a while ago, but I thought I would post it as I haven't any new work photographed yet, as I have been busy over Christmas.