Monday 23 February 2009

Electron is a new and up and coming Superhero. The son of wealth industrialist Maxwell Strong, he rebelled against his father's overbearing parenting by joining the marine corp. He graduated Westpoint with high honours, but on his first tour of duty in Iraq he was critically injured by a road-side IED. He was flown back to his father's private clinic, where the greatest scientist and surgeons money could buy rebuilt him stronger, faster and tougher than ever before.

This figure is called 'High Speed' and is from the Superfigs range. Not that easy to get hold of in the UK, but here is their US Site. Once again- thanks Leon.

Saturday 21 February 2009

This is Skipper. She is a US Marshal from Marshal Laws super team, tasked with apprehending absconding super powered criminals and guarding them when they are being transported around the country. She is a mutant, and has the ability to teleport at will to any location she has previously been to. In combat, she instinctively uses short ranged teleports to avoid being hit.

This figure is another Hasslefree mini. The base is one of the ones I got from Fenris Games. It's the first one I have painted up and I am very pleased with it. The paint scheme was inspired by Marvel's Nightcrawler, and by the Andorrans in Star Trek. I like it, and it makes her stand out, even in her USMS uniform.

Friday 20 February 2009

These two little aliens are the crew of the battered space freighter Turtle.
Boogle (seen here on the left) is a Kermian, from the swamp world of Kerma III. He is the ships navigation officer. He is reliable and hard working. Griff is a Grozzy, a race of space faring gremlins that have infested the engine rooms of the Turtle. Griff has been trained by the ships chief engineer, Megan, to help out with odd jobs, carrying tools etc.

Boogle is a Hassle Free miniature (I know I posted pictures of him earlier, but back then I didn't really know what he was, hence him being pictured again.) Griff is a Games workshop plastic Gnoblar from the Ogre Kingdoms range).

This is American Eagle, was one of the most esteemed super hero in the USA. His career has spanned two decades, and he has been a high profile face for the super hero community for some time. His reputation has been marred of late because he was portrayed by the liberal media as being too closely assorted with the out going Republican administration. He is working hard to rehabilitate his reputation.

This lovely miniature is from Lance and Laser, by Sandra Garrity. Yet again I'm indebted to my friend Leon for giving me this one.

Wednesday 18 February 2009

Just a quick note to my readers to apologise for not posting any new pictures for a while. I have been painting as furiously as ever, and have several new super heroes finished or nearly finished, but I haven't had chance to photograph them yet, as I have been very busy during the day, and I need good natural daylight to get the best pictures. Hopefully I will get a chance to photograph them in the next few days, so keep checking. You can expect to see an American patriot, another of Marshal Laws US Marshals, A guy with his head on fire and some other stuff.

In the meantime, here is a picture of my lovely wife Corinne and my son Charlie getting stuck into the hobby. Corinne is new to it all, and is midway through her second figure. Charlie has been painting for a couple of years now, and has progressed from Lord of the Rings to Warhammer Ogre Kingdoms. He is eight.

Tuesday 10 February 2009

Hey everyone. I am very excited because I have just stumbled upon a new - or new to me at least- range of super miniatures that I have never heard of any other forums (although it may be old news to some people). Reaper Miniatures has a range of super heroes, sci-fi and cyberpunk figures called Chronoscope. Here are a few pictures of their new minis. Unfortunately they do not seem to be available here in the UK yet, as reaper are an American company. The range also includes mad scientists, aliens and other very suitable minis.

Monday 2 February 2009

This is Huntress. She was once the side kick of the much feared vigilante hero Nightmaster but, when he was killed by the super villain Doctor Apocalypse, she took it upon herself to get vengeance. She now stalks the criminals of her home city with the patients of a true hunter, striking without warning and mercy. She still has access to much of Nightmaster's arsenal of gadgets and weapons, but she particularly favors a heavily modified Barreta sniper rifle.
The figure is from the Urban Mammoth range ( link ). She is just a sniper from a military range. I was going to do her in batman-like colours, but I thought she would look too much like a para-military rather than a four colour hero, and eventually I hit on the idea of making her more colourful as a former side-kick turned bad.
I have just bought a pack of these lovely resin bases from Fenris Games E-bay shop. They are 30mm wide, including the rim, and are supplied un-painted. This photo was taken off their e-bay store, just to give you an idea of what they will look like when they are finished. I plan to base my super-figs on them from now on. I love them! I also bought a park bench and some trash cans for my heroes to throw around.