Monday 25 August 2014

Home Guard 1941: Odds and Ends

 Here are a few more of the odds and ends I have been finishing off for my Home Guard platoon for Bolt Action.
 First up, a couple of stretcher bearers for my medic. These don't really work in the rules as they havn't got rifles and their are two bearers together on the base, but they are such cool figures I just had to do them. I am just going to count them as a single rifleman accompanying my medic.

 They are from Black Tree Designs. I want to get some more and convert them to Chindits for my Burma army.

Next up, a Royal Artillery Forward Observing Officer. He is issued with a Sten Gun, which has just been introduced to the British army ahead of the German invasion and is still something of a novelty. It is much lighter (and more unreliable) than a Thompson SMG, which is why this FOO had picked it.

The Royal Artillery will be back behind the lines, and the FOO will be hopefully guiding accurate artillery fire onto the German positions while the Home Guard attempt to fend off the Huns.

British defensive doctrine in 1941 was to use the Home Guard to stall the German blitzkrieg at stop lines and anti-tank islands long enough for the Regular army to assemble and counter attack. There is no doubt that the volunteers in the Home Guard would be facing a terrible onslaught for the first few hours of any invasion, and I am sure they would be glad of the Royal Artillery 25 pounders while they wait for reinforcements.

Friday 22 August 2014

Home Front 1941: Royal Enginieers

  The relentless slog to get some nearly finished projects finally laid to bed has seen me finishing off some of the Home Guard units I have had hanging about for a while.
  These guys are a small section from the Royal Engineers who happen to be in town building some beach defences when the Germans invade in 1941. This means they are Regular Army, as opposed to Home Guard, but as they are lead by an NCO they have been attached to my Home Guard Platoon.

First up, a flamethrower section. Useful for rooting Fallschirmjager out of hedgerows, but perhaps more useful (although very risky) as an anti-tank weapon, if they can get close enough.

Next up is a sapper team- for building and blowing. One with wire cutters, one setting a demo charge and one with a mine sweeper- there aren't any rules in Bolt Action for this kind of unit (even though these are form the Bolt Action range) so I will be building them up to a unit of 5 with some of the plastic Bolt Action figures, sticking them in a Bren Carrier and using them as a Regular Bren team.

Friday 15 August 2014

Victorian SciFi: Wild West Zombies

As part of my new policy of trying to complete a number of small projects I have on the go I have painted four of my Victorian Zombies from West Wind. I bought these from Salute three years ago and thought I better do something with them. My Idea is to use In Her Majesties Name to do a Cowboys vs. Zombies game.

Wednesday 13 August 2014

Frech and Indian Wars- Concerned Citizens

While looking through the lead mountain for something to paint I found a few French and Indian Wars figures I had al ready based and sprayed- so I thought why not slap some paint on is the result.

First up- some French militias- I already have quite a few of these, but I thought I would add a few more. Although the French militias are irregulars they are better trained and drilled than their English counterparts. 

Next up, some English settlers, ready to defend their homes from the French and their Indian allies. nice figures to paint. 

I think these figures are all from redoubt, but I might be wrong because I bought them a while ago- if they are not then they are probably from Galloping Major. 

Monday 11 August 2014

AtDE: Solly Hell Savages

I have had a go at working out a gang for Across the Dead Earth. I am still looking forward to my ATDE figures from the Kick Starter, but in the mean time I thought I would dust of a few bad guys I painted for my SciFi collection (entitled Scum and Villainy) and work out some stats for the Solly Hell Savages.

The figures lack a lot of fire power, so my gang is quite large (there are two more figures I haven't finished painting yet, making it seven in total- big for a AtDE gang. that said, they are probably going to get shot to pieces by anyone else.  

They are bandits who dwell in the ruins of a town to the south east of the Rag Market and prey on anyone foolish enough to stray to close. The Guild has placed a bounty on them after they attacked a trade caravan. 

Casey (Leader)
Toughness, 3 actions, walky talky, 
pistol, punch dagger (counts as short sword), dagger

Brutal (scrapper)
Broard Sword, Dagger

Link (scrapper)
Chain, Dagger

Scratch (Sharp Shooter)
Combat Shotgun, Dagger

Vile (Scrapper)
Scimitar, Dagger

The gang will also feature Scratch's Brother, Sniff- who is an Assault Specialist with an Assault rifle and an axe, and a yuff armed with a pistol and a knife (cannon fodder?). Hopefully I will get them finished soon.