Wednesday 13 August 2014

Frech and Indian Wars- Concerned Citizens

While looking through the lead mountain for something to paint I found a few French and Indian Wars figures I had al ready based and sprayed- so I thought why not slap some paint on is the result.

First up- some French militias- I already have quite a few of these, but I thought I would add a few more. Although the French militias are irregulars they are better trained and drilled than their English counterparts. 

Next up, some English settlers, ready to defend their homes from the French and their Indian allies. nice figures to paint. 

I think these figures are all from redoubt, but I might be wrong because I bought them a while ago- if they are not then they are probably from Galloping Major. 


irishhighlander said...

Canadien militia were better prepared then English militia due to their use for over 100 years as raiders for the French. As well, the Canadian climate would require that these farmers be able to hunt and survive in the environment.

Rob Bresnen said...

That makes sence. Thanks.

Simon Quinton said...

Great additions your certainly amassing a great collection for this period.