Friday 2 November 2018

Home Front: Civilians and Secret Agents.

I have recently been rebasing and touching up a few figures for use with my WW2 Operation Sealion collection. Most of these figures I painted for VBCW or Pulp gaming, but are generic enough in style to be of use for the 1940/41 home front. These will be civilians (the unarmed ones) , spies, secret agents, fifth columnists and other dodgy types. I have got an idea to run a game of Black Ops for Operation Sealion, for which these figures shall come in jolly handy. 

Monday 22 October 2018

Zombtober 2018: Week 3

One day late again. And only one Zed this week too, so that is something of a poor showing. In accordance with my 'military' theme for Zomtober this year it is another soldier who has been infected by the Zombie Contagion. This one has legs and torso from the Wargames Factory/Warlord Games  sprue, with arms and head from the Studio Miniatures zombie kit. 

Monday 15 October 2018

Zombtober 2018: Week 2

Sorry again for the tardiness. This time I was waiting for it to stop raining so I could get a good photo. It hasn't stopped yet, hence the some what crappy photos. 

These are two soldiers depicted in the weeks following the zombie apocalypses. They have ditched their military issue weaponry when they ran out of ammunition, and have opted for civilian weaponry, which is easier to find. They have added more pouches to their webbing as they are kept on the move by the ever present threat of the zombies. 

Hope you like them...

Tuesday 9 October 2018

Zombtober 2018 Week 1

It's October again so you can expect the usual Zombtober festivity. As always the idea behind zombtober is to paint at least one zombie or zom-apoc survivor each week during October, publishing a picture on the Sunday. Now as it is Tuesday it is clear that I am already a bit behind, but this is because I have been away for the weekend.

I have finished painting two Zombtober models. My theme this week is military. I am using the Wargames Factory/Warlord Games plastic special forces figures as the base for my guys. My plan is to make three soldiers or national guardsmen in the normal pre-apocalypse uniforms, three in post-apocalypse kit with improvised weapons and perhaps more civilian equipment scavenged from gun stores and alike when the own supplies stared to run out, and three who have succumb to the Contagion and become zombies.

The figures are based on the Wargames Factory plastics, with Studio Miniatures plastic zombie parts and a few bits from the Wargames Factory zombie survivors sprue. These plastics all scale very well together.

Thursday 23 August 2018

Burrows and Badgers: Fagin Mactavity and his gang of thieves

Introducing Fagin Mactavity, a notorious wild cat ne'r-do-well and rogue who, with the help of his ferret enforcer, Savage Gill, runs a gang of mice thieves. The mice serve Mactavity out of a mix of fear and awe, heading out each night on their criminal missions, returning each morning to hand over their ill gotten gains to their boss. Those who fail to bring back enough loot will answer to Savage Gill. 

Saturday 18 August 2018

Gaslands Barricades

 I have been making some scenery for Gaslands. Its basically 20mm scale, because that seems to work best with die-cast cars like Hot Wheels, which is the most common bases for Gaslands vehicles. 

I really like Gaslands but I don't know anyone who will play it so these concrete barricades will be sold by Hazardous Terrain. 

I hope you like them. 

Thursday 16 August 2018

Burrows and Badgers: Herbalist's Garden

Just another Burrows and Badgers terrain piece. I actually finished this one a while ago and forgot to put it on the blog. I hope you like it. 

Monday 18 June 2018

Burrows and Badgers: A Mouse House

When Burrows and Badgers Skirmish game first came out as a Kick Starter I was a bit intrigued but basically thought the figures were nice but it wasn't for me. Then I saw the figures that Simon (AKA Brummie) was painting and they were SO nice I thought I would give it another look. On closer inspection I fell in love with the little cute anthropomorphic animals and decided to go all in. 

I thought I would make some terrain, as no one else makes stuff that even remotely fits the world of Burrows and Badgers (well at least how I see it). Originally I thought I might sell it on the Hazardous Terrain page, but now I have decided I want to keep it, and even make some more. 

In my imagination I see the world of Burrows and Badgers as comprising of windswept moors, craggy rocks and cute villages that look like something produced by a cross of Tokien's Shire and the Wind in the Willows, with a healthy dose of Redwall thrown in. After extensive research (on Pinterest) looking at cute cottages, fairy houses and so on, I was ready to give it a go. 

This is what I came up with, a house for a mouse- part cottage and part burrow, with a very cute cottage garden.  I hope you like it and can 'get' what I was going for. Style wise it is clear fantasy but nothing like my usual terrain. I was certainly a lot of fun to build and I learned a lot from making it. 

 And this is Manfri Shadowpaws, a mouse rogue, and the first of my band of thieves, rogues and cut-purses for B&B. These figures are lovely to paint and I will certainly be doing more!

Saturday 19 May 2018

More Buildings for Sale...

Here is the results of this weeks terrain making sessions. Following the feed back from the last post I thought I would try making a jungle ruin for Ghost Archipelago. Thanks for the suggestions JP. It was an interesting build as I made bricks and built it one at a time using a glue gun. I think it has a nice ramshackle look. The building is only small but I thought I would use it to test the market. 

Next up are three modern Afghan adobe buildings, They will also be useful for a whole range of periods and locations. The Spanish building I made last week has picked up a lot of watchers, so I thought I would test the waters with these three, they were quick and fun to build and if they sell well I will certainty make some more. 

And finally here are two post apocalyptic scifi buildings made for 40K or Necromunda, bu usable for all sorts of settings.  

Again here is a LINK to the ebay sale. 

Post bellow if you have any other ideas on what will sell well...