Monday 23 September 2019

Zomtober 2019: Preparing the Horde!

Bing it on Zombtober!

Yesterday I sat at my desk and watched a couple of episodes of The Walking Dead while assembling 30 walkers for my Last Days in Paradise Zombie Apocalypse campaign. I used the Mantic zombies again, as they are my favorite plastic zombie minis. I like the dynamic way they are posed (and the low cost). 

This time I am going to try to paint some of them so they look like Afro-Caribbean people turned into zombies. Weirdly there are not that many photos on line of 'zombies of colour'. I am not sure why that would be. 

Sunday 15 September 2019

Last Days in Paradise: more buildings

I have completed a couple more buildings for my Last Days: A Zombie Apocalypse board, based somewhere in the Caribbean. First up is a Jerk Shack (that's a take away restaurant selling jerk-spiced chicken, by the way). This was based on a Sarissa Precision building from their Ghost town range. It was already quite beaten up, so I just added lost of weathering and broken windows. 

 Next up was a Gas Station, also from Sarissa Precision. This has a retro-americana feel to it which I felt would not look out of place on a rural caribbean island.  Again I just added broken windows and then a lot of heavy weathering and weeds etc. 

Friday 13 September 2019

Last Days In Paradise : The Jamaican Posse

This is my Jamaican gang for my Last Days in Paradise campaign- A zombie apocalypse based on a fictitious Caribbean island. These guys are bad boy gangsta types from the rough neighbourhoods of Kingston, Jamaica.
Even before the apocalypse these guys were bad news. Lawless and violent, with ready access to military grade weapons, they were well set to survive the zombie outbreak and subsequent breakdown of order on Jamaica.
The Kingston Enclave, as the fortified camp in the heart of the city became known, lasted for eight months. The gangsters fought alongside the police and military for hold back the ever growing hordes of zombies. When the Enclave finally fell to the zombie hordes the gang fought their way out of the city to an airfield where they managed to get off Jamaica in a small tourist charter plane.
The plane had just enough fuel to get them to the Island. They had heard the rumours that it was free from infection, but as soon as they landed they discovered that the zombie outbreak ha spread here too. Nevertheless, the situation wasn't as dire as it had been on Jamaica, and so the gang decided to settle down and dig in.
The Jamaican gang are dangerous foes. They carry plenty of hardware, much of it military, and back it up with an abundance of muscle and a ruthless determination to survive. They have no love of the American Outlaw MC biker gang, an animosity that has not decreased since the apocalypse.

Devon- Merciless Thug- (Selfish) 
Military Assault Rifle and Club

Junior- Tough Guy (Neutral)
Squad Automatic Weapon, Semi-automatic Pistol and Knife

Lloyd- Goon (Selfish)
Surplus Assault Rifle and  Machete 

Winston- Gang Member (Selfish)
Military SMG and Knife

Tianna- Survivor (Neutral)
High-powered Rifle and Knife, Medical Supplies

Winston, Junior, Tianna, Lloyd and Devon. 

Wednesday 11 September 2019

Last Days in Paradise: Biker Chicks!

I have added a couple of biker chicks to the Outlaw MC gang for Last Days: A Zombie Apocalypse. These girls count as 'survivors' and are a little lighter armed than the male bikers. Candice (in the red bikini top and combats) is armed with a semi-automatic pistol. Candice used to be a swimsuit model and a gym-bunny. 
Sugar (short for Sugar-Plum, believe it or not!) used to be a barmaid in the MC. She might not be as tough as the rest of the MC, but she knows a bit of first aid, and she is easy on the eye, so her brothers in the MC look after her. She is armed with a surplus SMG.