Monday 18 May 2020

Necromunda House

I am rather pleased with this house I made for Necromunda. Having finished my ruined factory zone I thought I might make some terrain for a Necromunda settlement. I started with this house for a scavenger. I was inspired by an old Rhino I had sitting on my desk waiting for paint. 

As I was building it a back story emerged in my brain (the result of too much polystyrene cement fumes I expect) of the scavenger who lives here. He is a devout man, which explains the shrine and the eagle above the door. He found the Imperial Fist Rhino and built his house around has expanded over the years. He even has a boiler and a balcony/patio area to relax. 

I genuinely think this is one of the best things I have ever made. 

Monday 11 May 2020

Necromunda Vehicles

I have been working on Necromunda terrain, and figures, since Lockdown, and I am making some great progress and beginning to master some new techniques when it comes to painting and modeling. 

These are a selection of vehicles I have made for Necromunda. A converted half-track Chimera, a converted GSC Goliath truck and a ganger riding a bike (made from a converted Orc bike)

I picture them working  for the guilds, shifting goods from one hive settlement to the next. Dangerous work, but potentially very profitable. 

I just need to paint the base on the biler...I haven't decided how to finish it yet. 

Tuesday 7 April 2020

Necromunda: The Sump City Gor-Liaths

This is my first Necromunda gang in 25 years.

The background for this unusual gang make up is that when their leader, Brutus, was a juve he used to run with another gang who used to hunt the beastial abhumans who lived in the underhive for sport. These beastemen were strong and resilient, traits the Goliaths admired, and taking a horn or a pelt as a trophy was considered a rite of passage.
This all changed when Brutus was ambushed by three Esher gangers. He was saved by a beastman Gor named Kazgor, who leapt into the fray, and helped Brutus defeat the Eshers. Brutus and Kazgor became close friends, and the two of them realised that they had much in common, as both Goliaths and beastmen admire strength, brutality and big weapons.
When the other Goliath gang members found out about Brutus' new friend, they were less than happy, and condemned Brutus and Kazgor to death in the House fighting pits.
Brutus and Kazgor fought side by side for many house and defeated all opponents sent against them.The other Goliaths had to admit that they were quite a formidable pair. The gang were debating what to do next when a senior House member, who had been watching the slaughter in the fighting pit, intervened. He decreed that Brutus should be allowed to form his own gang, with Kazgor, and that they should be sent deep into the underhive, to some hive-begotten dome.
Brutus has recruited from both the House Goliath and Kazgor's abhuman tribe. Recently the abhumans have introduced the Goliaths to a new way of worshiping the Him-On-Earth as 'The Emperor of Skulls'. The idea that you can appease the wrath of the God-Emperor by offering him the skulls of your enemies appeals to the Goliaths.

Thursday 12 March 2020

Spooky Trees Work In Progress

These are my spider infested trees for Middle Earth Mirkwood and for Rangers of Shadow Deep. They are made from artificial Bonsai trees I bought from To make them all different I cut up the trees and restuck the branches in different positions with a hot glue gun. I then used more hot glue to fill in the gaps and to add more varied surface detail. I made bases using old CDs and bits of cork and bark, then sprayed and painted the whole thing. I am rather pleased with the outcome and have even ordered another eight!

These are work in progress so far as I am going to add cobwebs in the same style as the spider victims I have already shown of this blog. 

Sunday 8 March 2020

This is the start of my ranger and his band of followers. I am planning to theme my heroes so they can be use for Middle Earth as well as Shadow Deep (two birds with one stone, so to speak).
My ranger, Thorongil, is a warrior and a strategist. He understands the importance of coordinating attacks and leading from the front. His men are inspired by his presence.
Nori Ironaxe is a Dwarf guardsman, and a reliable and trustworthy member of the band. He is also the team's armourer.
Rolf Butterfield is a man-at arms, and is accompanied by his trusty hound Rufus.

Tuesday 25 February 2020

Spider Victims!

Victims of my (not so) Giant Spiders!
The bodies were made with green stuff, and head off various plastic figures (cos I didn't want to have to sculpt faces). The webs are those ones you buy at halloween and stretch out to cover furniture etc. I soaked bits in watered down PVA and stretched it over the base.