Sunday 25 August 2013

Four Colour: More Ape Assassins!

Two more henchmen for my ARC gang in Pulp City. Once more these are head swaps, with the heads from Crooked Dice and the bodies from the Pulp City Ninjas. Many thanks to Pulp Citizen form supplying the bodies for this little projects. 

Sunday 18 August 2013

Four Colour: Ape Assassin!

No one really knows the origins of the mutant ape-men. Many speculate that they are the result of some bizarre experiment by some wicked villain or evil scientists: An attempt, perhaps, to recreate the exact conditions that caused the ARC primates to become super-powered supremes. 
What is known is that the primate freedom fighters know as ARC liberated them from a laboratory, and since then they have been working with ARC as henchmen. 
 While most ape-men are content to work as thugs or hired guns, a few have the personality and dedication to study under ARC ninja-master Chimp Chi, and to learn the exotic martial arts known as Ape-Ki. Those who can master the art as fast, deadly and utterly devoted to the ARC cause. 

 Here is another henchman for my Pulp City ARC gang. What could be more four-colour than ape-men, and ninjas? This little conversion is simply a head swap- body and arms are from a Pulp City ninja, and the head is from Crooked dice. Crooked dice sell these head on a separate sprue, which is great. 

Thursday 15 August 2013

Four Colour: Monkey Minions!

Pulp Citizen and I to be painting 'minions' for our themed month this month. I have been away, so I am a bit behind schedule  and so I have decided to cheat a bit and post a picture of some minions I painted for the Lead Painters League. These are some ape minions I painted for Pulp City, to use with my favorite super team- namely ARC, a team of super-evolved ape mercenaries  In Pulp City I will be using these as Thugs and Hired Guns. 

These figures are made by Crooked Dice for 7TV, but they work great as minions for Pulp City.