Saturday 27 January 2018

Home Front: A Few More Home Guard

 Here are some shots of three more Home Guard  swelling the ranks of the Defenders of the Realm. They are all from Warlord Games. The one at the bottom has roller-skates on, but I thought this idea was a bit silly (try firing a Tommy Gun while on skates!) so I banked the basing material up over the wheels.
 My favorite one is the old guy having a tea break. I just hope Jerry doesn't invade while he is brewing up!

Saturday 20 January 2018

Konflikt 47:|Soviet Ursus Infantry (Ggrrrr!)

I bought these at Salute last year and painted them a while ago, but never got round to photographing them at the time. I have been waiting for some good daylight to get some decent pictures and this week I finally manged to snap a few photos for the blog.

These are Ursus troopers for Konflikt 47. This is a Weird WW2 rules based on Bolt Action. It allows me to use my existing Soviet and German armies with as many or as few 'weird' tweaks as I like. This has the huge advantage that I don't have to buy and paint a whole new army, but instead can add to my existing one as the mood strikes (and as I can afford). 

Ursus Infantry are a weapon utilising Ursine DNA to create an 8ft tall man/bear hybrid that could go toe-to toe with any enhanced infantry on the battlefields of 1947. Powerful, but lacking control, the Ursus soldiers were often unleashed in highly contested areas of the battlefield to tip the balance of favour towards the Soviet army.

Thursday 11 January 2018

Home Front: Civilians and Volunteers

Apologies for the dodgy photos but the light has been very poor this week in the UK.  Here are a few more additions to my Home Front collection. First up...and old man, This one is made by Foundry and is a Perry Sculpt. Just a nice useful civilian figure...also useful for VBCW.

Next, Mr Churchill...or perhaps an actor impersonating the Prime Minister? Not a great sculpt, I forgot where and when I got it, but I think it might be from Westwind. Useful as an objective in some scenarios. 

And finally two of the cast of Dad's Army in their civvies. Sargent Wilson and Lance Corporal Jones from Warlord. Lovely Sculpts, full of character, by Mr Hicks. 

Saturday 6 January 2018

Home Front: Dad's Army Cast.

 For my Dad's Army/Sealion collection I have painted these two...One is verger Maurice Yeatsman (made by Foundry and sculpted by the Perrys) and the other is Private Godfery, in his civvies (from Warlord Games, and sculpted by Paul Hicks). Both look amazingly like the cast member they are based on. 
Nice additions to my growing collection. 

Wednesday 3 January 2018

Stalingrad Game Photos

Unfortunately I was at work on teh 27th, so I missed the All Day Game at Earlswood Wargamers, although I did pop in for a chat and to take some photos after work. I was glad I did as it gave me chance to see Big Al's Stalingrad board in action...Oh My God! 

Alas my camera ran out of power after a few minutes of watching the game, but I managed to get these shots off...Prepare to be amazed by what is possible the best urban battle board EVER! Big Al scratch built these boards himself. I am going to shut up and let the photos do the talking...

Nuf said.

Monday 1 January 2018

Home Front: German Agents Disguised as Nuns?

Recently I have been continuing my interest in Operation Sealion as an alternative World War Two setting. Sumner 20017 saw a flurry of releases from Warlord Games to support their Bolt Action Operation Sealion supplement and these complement the original Wargames Foundry Home Guard figures quite nicely. 

Some of the figures are certainly more tongue in cheek, but I love that. I am a massive fan of Dad's Army and don't mind if my Sealion collection veers into the slightly silly or even has a shade or two of Pulp. 

The idea of German agents disguised as nuns seems to have originated in the the "Fifth Column" scares in the British media at the beginning of the period in 1941-42 when the threat of invasion looked real. As far as I am aware it was just hysteria/media hype, and no German agents ever dressed as nuns...never the less the idea fits in well with the slightly silly Dad's Army vibe. 

These figures are by Warlord and Foundry.