Sunday 22 November 2015

Frostgrave Enchanter

Vulcan Waylendsen the Enchanter is getting ready to journey to the Frozen City of Frostgrave to learn it's arcane secrets. 

Here are two crossbow men ready to sign up to a warband- for a fee.

Thursday 19 November 2015

Frostgrave: First Wizard

My first Frostgrave wizard is Ballatine Gul, a dastardly necromancer venturing into the Frozen City to recover unspeakable tomes and artefacts. 

Two bowmen for Gul's warband, from the Frostgrave kit. 

Tuesday 17 November 2015

Frostgave treasure and a Treasure-hunter

This treasure marker and candle sticks were made from Reaper Bones accessories set. The treasure hunter is from a Game Workshop Mordhiem kit with a Frostgrave arm (not my best pose but it will do to fill the ranks)

Sunday 15 November 2015

Frostgrave: Some Bits and Bobs

Here are a few bits and pieces I have been working on for Frostgrave. This snake statue was from a pet shop. It has been repainted by me, and the snow has been added using white paint and fine plaster filler. 

This is a Ranger made from the Frostgrave Soldier kit with a Games Workshop High Elf bow on his back and some Green Stuff bags and pouches. 

 These statues were made from some unwanted Gripping Beast ancient Germans. The bases were made from MDF bases from Warbases. 

Thursday 5 November 2015

French and Indian Wars: Raid on Mainwaring's Farm

Old Man Maniwaring sat warming his feet on the stove while his wife and daughter prepared their evening meal. Things were good here at the farm- the harvest was in, and they had plenty of food for everyone, and even had enough to sell some at market. He could by his daughter that dress she wanted after all. who would have thought that when the left Portsmouth five years ago he would be here now, head of a thriving little village surround by fertile fields. He was a man of distinction, respected as the village leader. 

He looked over to the rifle propped up by the doorway. It was, as always, loaded. Things hadn't always been as easy as they were now, and Old Man Mainwaring had learned the hard way that he had to be ready for anything. Of course he has heard rumours last week of Huron scouts in the valley, but they were a long way from the valley here; a peaceful little idle far from the busy towns and the dangers of the frontier. Old Man Mainwaring's reward for a lifetime of hard work.

Pulp Citizen and I got together for a game of Songs of Drums and Tomahawks last week. We used the Musket and Tomahawks mission generator and rolled Slaughter and Defend. Pulp Citizen took the role of the attackers-  A Huron Indian raiding party, and I took the part of English Settlers defending their womenfolk and homes from the natives. The Huron brief was simple- Kill or drive off all six on the villagers (the unarmed women figures) and the Settlers brief was to drive off the Huron.

English Settlers 

Old Man Maniwaring       Q3+ C3 Pistol, Leader
11 Settlers                         Q4+ C2 Rifles, Wavering
6 Villagers                        Q5+ C1 Unarmed

Huron Raiders

War Chief Tecumshee      Q3+ C3 Strong, Woodsman, Leader,                                                                Tomahawk, Scalper, Musket
8 Braves                            Q4+ C2 Strong, Musket, Woodmen,                                                                 Scalper
1 Young Brave                  Q4+,C2 Woodsmen, Musket, Scalper

Villagers muck out the stables, unaware of an imminent attack

Maniwaring's Farm, with the Indians advancing form the south and up the western River bank

Huron Warriors advancing Indian file though the  forests towards Mainwaring's Farm

The villagers spot the warriors and try to run for cover. One is shot in the back and killed as she runs away. 

The Huron warriors work their way up the river back to out flank the settlers. They provide difficult targets as they shoot, then disappear back into the forest to reload. 
The Settlers emerge from their homes to protect their farms and families

The Huron, fearful of the settlers long range hunting rifles, move in close, using the cover of the farms stone walls to advance safely. 

One brave dashes out form cover to attack a settler. A desperate battle ensues, until finally the settler is killed and the brave takes his scalp!

The Huron War chief takes aim and shoots Old Man Mainwaring from across the farmyard. 

With Old Man Mainwaring dead the remaining villagers and settlers flee

The Huron scalp the dead and dying English, loot their farms and leave it a burning ruin!

Tuesday 3 November 2015

Ardennes 1944: Chain Of Command

I had another game of Chain of Command at Earlswood last week. The game saw my Fallschirmjager pitted against Keith's Yanks (although they were commanded by Tom, with Keith acting as referee/mentor). We made the Fallschirmjager elite, to see if it would make a difference to the game. Tom took a regular rifle platoon supported by a MMG and a mortar, and a Sherman tank. Big Al made some really nice hedges covered in frost and dead leaves. 

Unfortunately for me the yanks were dug into some ruined farm houses, but luckily enough his line of sight was partially obscured by a ridge of hills running across the fields, meaning I could advance through cover until quite close to the Yankie's position. 

Highlights for me- learning how to use smoke to cover an advance, and blowing up the Sherman with a panzerschreck.  Highlights for Tom- winning three turns in a row just as I launched my final assault. 

Things I have learned- Use smoke more. Panzershrecks kill tanks, especially if you hit them in the side at close range! Elite Troops are very hard to kill!

Here are a few photos...

Sunday 1 November 2015

Zomtober 2015 Round Up

 After a week of furious painting I have finally managed to finish all the Zombies Carl asked me to paint for Zombicide, and all before the end of Zomtober! I would have to say that although it has been quite a mammoth task it has been a pleasure too as the Zombicide figures are just lovely to paint. Carl likes his zeds extra gory, and so I have obliged him with as much gore as I could. I think that the over all effect when they are all shambling about is quite stunning.

As ever zomtober has been a great success and I have really enjoyed seeing what other zombie wargamers have done throughout the month.  I am already planning Zomtober 2016!

Anyway, without more of ado, here are the last of Carl's zombies are in their gory shamblyness...

Zombie Elvis has left the building!
Zombie Santa is coming to town!

The A Bomb!
They just keep coming!

Face off

The entire horde