Sunday 1 November 2015

Zomtober 2015 Round Up

 After a week of furious painting I have finally managed to finish all the Zombies Carl asked me to paint for Zombicide, and all before the end of Zomtober! I would have to say that although it has been quite a mammoth task it has been a pleasure too as the Zombicide figures are just lovely to paint. Carl likes his zeds extra gory, and so I have obliged him with as much gore as I could. I think that the over all effect when they are all shambling about is quite stunning.

As ever zomtober has been a great success and I have really enjoyed seeing what other zombie wargamers have done throughout the month.  I am already planning Zomtober 2016!

Anyway, without more of ado, here are the last of Carl's zombies are in their gory shamblyness...

Zombie Elvis has left the building!
Zombie Santa is coming to town!

The A Bomb!
They just keep coming!

Face off

The entire horde


pulpcitizen said...

Fantastic work all around, and very productive on behalf of Carl who will be very pleased i am sure. :)

Michael Awdry said...

What a fabulous months work, great to see them in their gory entirety!

Dick Garrison said...

Smashing, simply smashing!

Rod said...

Very nice work!

Simon Quinton said...

Well done mate some great additions to the completed pile!