Monday 28 April 2014


This weeks Lead Painters League round was a themed round, and the theme was I might enjoy a bit of historical, but Ancients is one area of historic wargaming that just leaves me cold. Having no desire to start another project I began casting around for something to paint in the theme, and I stumbled upon these by Crusader Miniatures...job done.

This is a happy coincidence, as Studio Tomahawks, the guys who brought us Muskets and Tomahawks and SAGA, have just began promoting their forthcoming new game called Jugular, in which each player takes on the role of a gladiator school owner, sending his slaves to compete in the games. Think Football manager meets Spartacus. 

Friday 25 April 2014

Peninsular Wars: Royal Navy Officers.

Midshipman Lovejoy

Midshipman Lancelot Lovejoy is the youngest officer on the HMS Endurance. He is a young buck with a reputation for being a lecherous ladies man. He might be no looker and of an average stamp physically, but he is the son of a mill owner, and is as rich as Cresus, and thinks he can buy the affections of any lady. He is a clumsy slasher with his sword, and only an occasional horseman. He is disliked by his crew, and even by the other officers, who consider him something of a cad. He is very jealous of the other officers, especially ones of noble birth, and his envy might be his undoing.

Lieutenant John Ragley, 2nd lieutenant of the HMS Endurance, is a fine fellah: Physically of average stamp, but fair of face. He is a fair hand with a sword, but a novice in the saddle. Unfortunate for lieutenant  Ragley, be was born in an orphanage, with no money or rank. That he has risen as far as he has is a tribute to his tenacity, intellect and honourable conduct; never the less he is universally despised by the crew and the other officers, who don't consider him a 'proper officer'.

Wednesday 23 April 2014

Peninsular War: Royal Navy Landing Party

My whole interest in Sharp Practice and Napoleonic was piked by watching reruns of Horneblower on cable. I was sat watching it one day with my good lady wife (who's ears always seem to prick up at the sight of young Ioan Gruffudd in a smart uniform) and I thought- wouldn't it be cool to do these in 28mm. I grabbed the Ipad and I searched the net, and found these lovely figures...sculpted by Britain's own Paul Hicks, but annoyingly only available from the US of A at Brigade Games. Luckily the pound to dollar exchange rate was quite favourable so I ordered them, along with some marines from the same range. I had to wait a while for them to be cast, and for the post, which is why I started on the redcoats, but as soon as they arrived I was itching to get them painted. 

Here they are, with profiles for Sharp Practice. 

(In Sharp Practice the Big Men (officers, NCO's etc) are described in narrative terms, rather than having a stat line that is just a series of abstract numbers.  The important characteristics are in italics.)

 Captain William Brighton, RN, captain of a 44 gun Frigate, the HMS Endurance, is an elderly officer close to retirement but with a long and illustrious career in the Royal Navy. His fellow captains and crew rate him as a jolly good fellow, although old age, and a life time aboard ships, have left him something of a sickly cove. He is quite plain to look upon, a  fair hand with a sword, and an occasional rider. He was the son of an admiral, and despite the fact that he has never risen particularly high in the ranks of the Royal Navy, he is never the less universally loved by his crew, who know that he is chivalrous, fair-handed and he is a well read man of letters

3rd Lieutenant Arthur Bonham, of the HMS Endurance, is a strapping fellow, a noted young buck with a promising carrier ahead of him. He is tall, athletic and devilishly hansom. He is a popular cove with his crew, and with the ladies! Mr Bonham is an accomplished horseman,an all-round athlete, and a fair hand with a sword.
He is from a family of new money, his father is a wealthy cotton merchant in Liverpool, but Mr Bonham is a man of adventure, not book keeping. He is an honourable man, except when it comes to the fairer sex, when he has a reputation as being something of a lecherous ladies man. 

 And here is a group shot of my RN landing party, lead by Mr Bonham...

Sunday 13 April 2014

Salute 2014: Part 2

Drop Zone Commander- A very large and very overgrown city.

A Samurai village from 4 Ground, using their Japanese buildings. Full of character and detail.

Again 4 Ground- a whole town built using their buildings- if money really was no object something like this would be nice...

Another VSF board- for IHMN I think- Alan Quartermain and the Temple of What-not...something like that. 

VSF's popularity seems undiminished at this years Salute. 

A fantasy swamp board from Fenris Games- lovely details- and very slimy looking water!

7TV/Crooked dice never fail to disappoint- this is a small but perfectly formed board!

I hope you like what you have seen- there were many lovely bards at salute- it was hard to pick my favourites- well done to everyone involved. 

Salute 2014 Photos: Part 1

 Some photos from Salute...

 D-day landings...breath takings. Biggest, and possibly the best table of the day.

Indochina 1954 from Redstar Miniatures...I want this table in my loft. If I could have nicked it I would!

A Massive game for Saga in the crusades by Gripping Beasts...:lovely city walls. 

 A Mars based Victorian SciFi battle- tremendous figures and scope- One of my favourites of the day. 

Not yet released fantasy Mordiem-type buildings from 4-Ground. They will be pre-painted but will need roof tiles adding (also pre-painted). 4-Ground will be making ruined ones too. Pulp Citizen wants these for out Freebooter's Fate games. 

A cute board for Skirmish Sangin made from carpet tiles and mats. The Guys form Skirmish Sangin came over from New Zealand didn't want to have to ship a board over- so they made this from materials bought from B&Q when they got to the UK...Very cleaver.

More to Follow...

Friday 11 April 2014

Salute 2014

I am off to Salute with me old pal Pulp Citizen in the morning. I am very excited. I have pre-ordered lots of stuff, so this time I can spend more time taking photos, and trying out games- I thing one day is too short a time for an event like Salute: I would prefer a whole week end!

This year I am going to concentrate on buying stuff for my Modern African wargaming setting- Zugando. I am going to pick up a few militias, and some obsolete ex-soviet block T-34/85's to give the USMC something to worry about. I am going to look at the militia from Eureka and from a new company called Specter Miniatures (who will be launching a modern wargaming Kick Starter on the 1st May.)

In addition to the modern stuff, I am mostly going to concentrate on Napoleonics, and namely the Peninsular War- I shall be visiting Front Rank, Eureka, Trent, SHQ and Perry: I have quite a long shopping list. Some of it will be obvious- 95th rifles etc, but some might be a bit more surprising/interesting.

Last on my list is some English Civil War clubmen form Warlord- Not really my period, but it is a popular periods at the Earlswood Wargamers, and So I thought I would paint a few for the club, just because they look interesting. 

Finally I will be taking a bit of cash for the odd impulse buy that Salute always necessitates. 

I will be sure to post pictures of what I buy ASAP!

Sunday 6 April 2014

Peninsular War: Redcoats

Kicking off my Sharp Practice Peninsular War collection are the Warwickshire Regiment of redcoats. Smart fellows in smart uniforms, ready to do their bit for king and country. 

I have painted 16 troopers, and a command stand, but having read Sharps Practice have realised that 20 troopers is better, because I can split it into two groups of 10, so at some point (after Lead Painters League) I will add another 'stand' of four troopers. 

They are from Victrix, and the flag is from GMB designs. The bases are from Warbases. 

In Sharp Practice the Big Men (officers, NCO's etc) are described in narrative terms, rather than having a stat line that is just a series of abstract numbers. Here are my first two 'Big Men'  from the Warwickshire Regiment. The important characteristics are in italics.

Capitan George Queensbury

Captain George Queensbury of the 24th Warwickshire Regiment is ranked as a 'Jolly Good Chap'. He is a giant of a man, trained as an athlete and a boxer, and is a fair hand with his sword. He is no looker, having had his nose badly broken in a fight. He is a strict disciplinarian, and is universally detested by his men. His family made their fortune as slaver traders in the 18th century , and George will box the ears of any man who calls his a 'Nabob'. George detests horses, is only an occasional rider, avoiding riding whenever he can.  
Despite being strict with his men he is a very chivalrous gentleman, and his word is binding. 

Company Sargent Ezekiel Grubber

Company Sargent Ezekiel Grubber runs the entire company for Captain Quennsbury. He is a fine fellah, and a strapping fellow, but with a face like a pigs backside. He can ride well enough, being an occasional horseman, but he is a slasher with his sword. Being something of a bounder, he is  universally detested by his men. Consumed by avarice and greed, he often steels from his men, and his known as a lush, and a mean drunk to boot. 

Thursday 3 April 2014

Lead Painters League: Abudul Alhazred and his Minions

In my Conanesque world Abdul Alhazred, the so called "Mad Arab" is a dark sorcerer, who has dedicated his life to studying the dark and forbidden knowledge. He travels the lands in search of vile mysteries and powerful artefacts, accompanied by his faithful body guards, his panther and his own Djinn.

Its been a while since I painted anything for my Conan range, as the Conan campaign is long completed, but this weeks Lead Painters League round had a theme of 'Realms of Fantasy' and so I thought I would have a rummage through the lead mountain and I found these. They are Hell Dorado figures (except the Djinn which his a Reaper Dust Devil).

The Lead Painters League is an annual competition on Lead Adventure forum. Members have to paint five figures a week for ten weeks,and then photograph them and post them to be judged. some of the weeks- like this one- have a theme.