Sunday 27 November 2011

Doctor Dust - Pulp Villain

Just to have a change of scene, I decided to finish off a Pulp Era villain I based ages ago but never got around to painting...

Introducing Doctor Dust, Mad Scientist and Evil Villain. The dastardly Doctor's plans have, so far, consisted of trying to use giant mutant dinosaurs to hold Manhattan to hostage, and the invention of a doomsday device capable to reversing evolution.
Luckily for us, the two-fisted rugged hero Ray Gunn, Soldier of the Future, has been on hand to thwart Doctor Dust's dire plans, but for now the dreadful Dust is still at large. Maybe his next plan will prove to be our undoing!!!

This is a Black Cat Bases figure I picked up a while back at Salute 2010. Its a cool figure that just screams 'pulp' to me. He's a bit on the small side compared to the Pulp Figures and Artizan Designs 'Trilling Tales' but not so much it looks silly.

Thursday 24 November 2011

Creatures in the Sewers!

There are many dangers to the brave heroes who venture into the depth of the sewers and catacombs...

I am not sure where I got this figure from. It's resin, and on a 50mm base, but other than that I am not sure. It's going to be a useful piece, in My supers campaign it can be a lurker in the sewers, but it could just as easily be a Conan demon, or a native beast in my SciFi or Pulp campaigns. I love stuff I can paint for lots of setting.

Wednesday 23 November 2011

15mm Zombie Town USA

Following my impulsive purchase of a big bag of 15mm Zombies from US company Rebel Miniatures a few months ago, I decided I needed some suitable 15mm scale scenery to go with them. The main problem with that is that 15mm scenery available on the net tend to be SciFi or WW2, and as Rebel Miniatures figures are distinctly American looking and modern, I needed to make my own buildings.
The theme for my zombie town was a run down inner city neighbourhood. I used some photos I found on the net to inspire my, and used ModelBuilder to create the buildings. It's not finished yet, I think I need some bits of 'street furniture', like trash cans, fire hydrants etc, and may be some burnt out cars, but it's finished enough to show it off.
I am thinking of using Ambush Z or All Things Zombie as a rules set, but I haven't decided yet.

An overview of Zombie Town on a quiet night.

Burt gets trapped on the upper floor of a drug store.


The shambling horde!

Gun Bunny and The Bride try to shoot their way out!

Friday 18 November 2011

The Slime Thing!

The sewers beneath the city are really not a safe place to be. All manner of strange things have been reported there, but perhaps nothing stranger that the creature many have come to call 'The Slime Thing'.
Quite what the Slime Thing is, if it exists at all, no one can say. Some maintain that it is a hideous mutant, or the result of one of Dr Otto's failed super-soldier experiments, While others insist that it was a petty thug or homeless man who fell into a pool of mutagenic pollution. Some believe that it is an urban spirit, a supernatural manifestation of the pollutants and toxins pored into the cities sewers over the years.
Whatever the truth of it's origins, one thing is certain. Anyone venturing into the sewers, or into the deeper catacombs, had best beware, for the Slime Thing can move silently, and attacks without mercy, often dragging it's victims into the depths of the sewage, where they are never seen again!

This miniature is a demon by Heresy. It is a very large multi-part miniature, being on a 40mm base. I painted it and highlighted it, then gave it a heavy gloss varnish to make it look suitably slimy.

Thursday 17 November 2011

Deacon, Champion of the Order of Anubis.

I am sorry I have not posted anything for a little while. There are a combination of reasons why not, but mostly it is because I bought COD:MW3. I am sure I am not the only one who has found that there are very short of time over the last couple of weeks.

Anyhow, now that I have clocked the games campaign mode I find myself free to post on the blog once more.

Deacon is a champion of the Order of Anubis, the secret sept of vampire knights dedicated to the protection of vampire kind form the multitude of threats that they must face. His own origins are lost in time, but he claims to have been a Nubian slave who, in life, served the Ancient One known only as 'The Egyptian'. Although powerful and very old himself, Deacon has always shunned the Machiavellian world of vampire politics, and instead has traveled the world, studying the ways of war. Unlike many elders, he has always embraced new technology and tactics, so long as it enhances his abilities as a warrior.

I am not sure who made this figure: I think it was West Wind. Obviously it was based on Blade, and so I painted it accordingly (although I gave it a bleached blond 'fro, inspired by Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man as I thought it would stand out better in 28mm). It's not the greatest ever sculpt, but I could hardly do a cabal of modern vampire knights without at least paying tribute to the films that inspired them.

Wednesday 9 November 2011

Trachanka Armoured Car Company (VBCW)

When King Edward refused to abdicate in 1936 the resulting constitutional crisis in Britain tore the country apart, and allowed Mr Oswald Moseley to seize power. Moseley's ultra right wing fascist government did not sit well in many of the industrial cities of the north and midlands, and when the dockers in Liverpool refused to unload supplies destined for the fascist forces, the resulting 'mutiny' lead to the formation of the Liverpool Free State. Although the LFS claims to be none-partisan, they are in truth dominated by socialists and communists.
The Wirral, a peninsular of land just south of Liverpool, is likewise dominated by Socialists, this time by the Wirral Socialist Workers Council. The WSW is predominately based in Birkenhead, Ellesmere Port and Helsby, and their control over the more rural parts of the peninsular is less absolute. The WSW claim to be allies to the LFS, but in reality they are nothing but a subservient partner in the relationship. The WSW supply Liverpool with food, steel, the shipyards in Birkenhead, concrete, chemicals, munitions, and in return receive aid in the form of manpower and weapons, including a trickle of Soviet made weapons imported from Russia.
The LFS are aware of just how critical the Wirral is to their continued existence- Without the supplies shipped through the Mersey tunnels the city would have fallen long ago- but with Liverpool besieged on all sides by the forces of king and government, they are hard pressed to free up much resources to help the Wirral Socialist Workers. Therefore, improvisation is often the key. One such examples is the "Trachanka Armoured Car Companies" that have recently been seen in battle. The idea was the brainchild of Spanish war veteran and Communist warrior-poet Juan Caballero. The concept is based on the Russian Civil War era trachanka, a cavalry carriage with a heavy machine gun mounted on the back. Caballero got the ship builders in Birkenhead to add armoured plates to a modified truck, then had them weld a soviet made Maxim HMG to the deck. The results were surprising effective, providing the WSW with some much needed mobile armour, and since then the shipyards have been converting as many trucks as they can find to this role.

The trucks are Lledo die-casts, with plasticard armoured plates added. The crew are by various manufactures- Eureka, Black Tree Designs, Musketeer Miniatures, Wargames Foundry and West Wind. The guns are by Black Tree Designs and Eureka. The Stowage is by Games Workshop.