Wednesday, 23 November 2011

15mm Zombie Town USA

Following my impulsive purchase of a big bag of 15mm Zombies from US company Rebel Miniatures a few months ago, I decided I needed some suitable 15mm scale scenery to go with them. The main problem with that is that 15mm scenery available on the net tend to be SciFi or WW2, and as Rebel Miniatures figures are distinctly American looking and modern, I needed to make my own buildings.
The theme for my zombie town was a run down inner city neighbourhood. I used some photos I found on the net to inspire my, and used ModelBuilder to create the buildings. It's not finished yet, I think I need some bits of 'street furniture', like trash cans, fire hydrants etc, and may be some burnt out cars, but it's finished enough to show it off.
I am thinking of using Ambush Z or All Things Zombie as a rules set, but I haven't decided yet.

An overview of Zombie Town on a quiet night.

Burt gets trapped on the upper floor of a drug store.


The shambling horde!

Gun Bunny and The Bride try to shoot their way out!


Ray Rousell said...

Excellent looking game, love the Starbucks!!!

Pierce said...

Looks cool.

pulpcitizen said...

Looking good mate. :)