Friday, 18 November 2011

The Slime Thing!

The sewers beneath the city are really not a safe place to be. All manner of strange things have been reported there, but perhaps nothing stranger that the creature many have come to call 'The Slime Thing'.
Quite what the Slime Thing is, if it exists at all, no one can say. Some maintain that it is a hideous mutant, or the result of one of Dr Otto's failed super-soldier experiments, While others insist that it was a petty thug or homeless man who fell into a pool of mutagenic pollution. Some believe that it is an urban spirit, a supernatural manifestation of the pollutants and toxins pored into the cities sewers over the years.
Whatever the truth of it's origins, one thing is certain. Anyone venturing into the sewers, or into the deeper catacombs, had best beware, for the Slime Thing can move silently, and attacks without mercy, often dragging it's victims into the depths of the sewage, where they are never seen again!

This miniature is a demon by Heresy. It is a very large multi-part miniature, being on a 40mm base. I painted it and highlighted it, then gave it a heavy gloss varnish to make it look suitably slimy.


Simon Quinton said...

Nice miniature and good work on the slimeness of him..erm it

pulpcitizen said...

Very icky!