Thursday 12 March 2020

Spooky Trees Work In Progress

These are my spider infested trees for Middle Earth Mirkwood and for Rangers of Shadow Deep. They are made from artificial Bonsai trees I bought from To make them all different I cut up the trees and restuck the branches in different positions with a hot glue gun. I then used more hot glue to fill in the gaps and to add more varied surface detail. I made bases using old CDs and bits of cork and bark, then sprayed and painted the whole thing. I am rather pleased with the outcome and have even ordered another eight!

These are work in progress so far as I am going to add cobwebs in the same style as the spider victims I have already shown of this blog. 

Sunday 8 March 2020

This is the start of my ranger and his band of followers. I am planning to theme my heroes so they can be use for Middle Earth as well as Shadow Deep (two birds with one stone, so to speak).
My ranger, Thorongil, is a warrior and a strategist. He understands the importance of coordinating attacks and leading from the front. His men are inspired by his presence.
Nori Ironaxe is a Dwarf guardsman, and a reliable and trustworthy member of the band. He is also the team's armourer.
Rolf Butterfield is a man-at arms, and is accompanied by his trusty hound Rufus.